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15 Jun

Designer Spotlight: Seilenna

Posted by Bikini Owner in Annnelies De Rouck, bikinis, Designer, Seilenna, swimwear

Annelies De Rouck, founder of Seilenna, crafts ultra-luxe pieces that have proven to be favorites among press and celebrities alike. De Rouck might not have grown up with tropical beaches — she's a native of Belgium — but she inherently understands the appeal of the white-sand lifestyle. 

So what makes this collection so enviable?  

Aside from its uber-cool looks, it's Seilenna's top-quality combo of high-tech fabrics from Italy and Belgium and the carefully designed silhouettes with opposing design elements. The soft floral prints and sweet details, alongside refined athletic pieces, prove that this insanely chic collection can play an elevated mix-match game. With peerless quality and a diverse selection ranging from sleek to pretty, these suits meet every girl’s needs.  

For proof, browse the gallery above — and get your hands on a gorgeous Seilenna staple, designed to countour and flatter your curves.