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06 May

Designer Spotlight: Sans Sucre

Posted by Bikini Owner

Now in shop: super-flattering Sans Sucre suits. We talked to best friends and co-creators Heather Cappelletto and Rachelle Garzia about the inspo behind this dreamy bikini collection, which features Brazilian silhouettes, exclusive abstract prints, and innovative fabrications. Read below to find out more about this free-spirited duo!


Sans Sucre bikini You're best friends and business partners. How did you meet?

Rachelle Garzia: We met while cocktail waitressing in the Hamptons and New York City. It was my “job," according to the club owner we worked for, to make sure the girls weren’t catty toward Heather when she started working with us. The two of us are definitely what you would consider free spirits, "go with the flow" kind of girls, so it was easy for us to find common ground very quickly. Our friendship has turned into sisterhood over the years. Heather received her degree from FIT, and [I got mine] from NYU, so we like to think of ourselves as a power team. 


B: What inspired the both of you to start a bikini line?

RG: The two of us have spent quite a lot of time living in our bikinis. I grew up in Miami, and lived in Cabo San Lucas and Marbella, and Heather and I have been to some top beach destinations around the world — Ibiza, Greece, Turks and Caicos, Cuba … the list is long. We realized very quickly there was a void in the market. Where is the perfect, affordable bikini that will actually feel good to wear and last more than one season? There have been times when we purchased a bikini — and paid way more than we’d like to admit — and there was either an issue with comfort, or the bikini would lose elasticity immediately. 

We have also been inspired by festivals and art shows such as Art Basel, Burning Man, and Coachella — hence the name of our first collection, “The Basel Collection.” We’ve taken colors, patterns, and styles from what we’ve seen during our travels, and at these particular festivals. 



Sans Sucre bikini

B: Can you describe the aesthetic of the brand in three words? 

RG: Sexy, bold, flattering. 


B: The name Sans Sucre means "sugar free." What’s the philosophy behind this?

RG: It was inspired by our (mis)adventures, and a sugar-free lifestyle — free of judgement, free of conformity, and free as the day you were born. 

Sans Sucre one-piece

B: What’s your fave self-made piece?

RG: Our favorite piece to date is the Infinity bikini worn by Hannah Ferguson for Sports Illustrated Swim. It’s sexy and comfortable, with custom embellishments down the back.  The print of this bikini was inspired by the psychedelic prints and colors of Burning Man. We called this print the “Nomad Print".


B: What girl do you have in mind when designing? 

RG: Our girl is definitely someone who loves to travel. She is someone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle, but also enjoys a good dance party, whether on a table in St. Tropez or in her living room. This is the girl who jams out to the beat of her own drum. Our line is a lifestyle that embraces balance, and we like to think our girls feel the same.