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21 Jun

Designer Spotlight: No Strings Attached

Posted by Bikini Owner

Looking for a a top-notch swimwear collection that perfectly flatters every female form? Then you need to know about No Strings Attached. Here, we talked to the brand's CEO, Stephanie Rotuna, about her killer bikini line.



How did the company begin? 

I attended the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, knowing I wanted to have a career in fashion someday — just not sure exactly doing what. I had a swimwear design class while in school, and had always had a hard time finding swimsuits that fit me properly because I am very petite. I fell in love with all of the creative designs and fabrics that could be used for designing swimwear, and the fact that I could make them to fit my body type perfectly. Once I made a couple for myself, all of my friends then wanted me to make them one as well, and it all kind of flourished from there. It went from a hobby to something I passionately live for, each and every day. 


Can you tell us about the making of the bikinis? How hands-on are you? 

Each bikini is designed and constructed entirely by me, from start to finish. I create patterns based on how all of the swimsuits I've own over the years have fit me, and have tweaked patterns to be able to fit and flatter most body types to accentuate woman's curves in a very sexy — yet still classy — way. After my patterns are perfect, I use the highest-quality Lycras, laces, and fabrics that I have found throughout the years to create my yearly swimwear collection, in colors and prints that have inspired me during that time. I then hand-make each swimsuit in my studio, to ensure that each piece is sewn to the highest quality and to perfection. After that, I tag them, and ship them out in my custom-made No Strings Attached Swimwear nylon drawstring bag. The bag is perfect for traveling and storing, so that your beautiful new swimwear is protected inside. It also doubles as a perfect little bag to keep your belongings in while on the beach, or at the pool. So as you see, everything from the design to being shipped out, the swimsuit never leaves my hands. It's the most personally touched and created swimsuit you will ever own. 

No Strings Attached bikini

Why is it important for you to personally make each piece? 

I put my heart and soul into each and every bikini I design. It's important to me to know that the bikini you receive, has been made to perfection. I haven't found anyone who will put the love into these bikinis like I will ... and until I do, I'm not going to sacrifice quality.  If that means working non-stop, sewing each one myself so that your bikini is up to my standards, so be it. It is my passion.

Aside from hand-making each suit being your forte, how else does the collection differ from other brands?

Besides the personal touch and the fact they are all hand-made by me. I have spent years focused on what works, and what doesn't with swimwear. What flatters, and how to create pieces that can be both sexy and classy, which is hard to do. From the cuts to the fabrics. A lot of beautiful swimwear isn't functionable. No Strings Attached Swimwear can be worn in the water, and is comfortable on the body.  I also try to use things that you wouldn't necessarily see on swimsuits, and incorporate them into my designs. For Instance, the friendship bracelets I have used in my Friendship Collection. I have never seen that before on any other brand. That was my idea!

No Strings Attached bikini

What's it’s like at No Strings Attached headquarters? ​

My headquarters is in my studio in my contemporary loft. I'm usually blasting country music and dancing around, singing along out loud while working. I'm really goofy, and I'm glad I have no employees here to see just how goofy I really am while working. I like to keep a fun, positive vibe always. 


​Can you describe the aesthetic of your swimwear collection in three words?

Glamorous, sexy, empowering. 

No Strings Attached lace bikni