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30 Oct

A Day In The Life Of Our New Girl Crush - Ivy Miller

Posted by Bikini Owner

Meet our current girl crush: Ivy Miller. Between surfing, school, meetings, and shoots, the model keeps it together in the coolest, Cali-est kind of way. Here’s a look at her day — the sort we so wish we had.

Ivy Miller in Kovey

6 A.M. Wake up to check the surf

First things first: I check the surf. I live right on the beach, so I look out the window and check the surf. If it’s good, then I usually surf Ponto, Campgrounds, Pipes or Terra Mar.

I have my go-to surf bikinis by Kovey — they’re the best! They don’t stretch out, they stay snug, and there aren’t any nip slips.


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8 A.M. Coffee break

After the surf, I go grab a smoothie or coffee from Ironsmith Coffee House – my absolute must.

9 A.M Yoga time

I ride my bike to hot yoga at Yoga Tropics. Then it’s time to check the surf again. I try to sweat as hard as I can every day to get that early-morning workout feel.


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10 A.M Surf’s great

I lather up on Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil because it has that SPF that still gives you a perfect golden color. I use it on my hair as well. I love getting sun and color, and the surf is great. I make a beach day out of it, and call up friends, bring a surfboard and air mattresses. It is always fun to bring everyone out — even if they don’t surf, we put them on air mattresses and take them out or take them to the kelp beds.


A photo posted by IVY MILLER (@ivuss) on


1:30 P.M. Head to L.A.

It’s time to head out and make my rounds in L.A. Since I live in Encinitas, I have to do as much in L.A. as I can. I typically listen to oldies on my way up — I’m a huge fan of the Rolling Stones and I like Leonard Cohen. 

3:30 P.M. Meeting time

I’m about to leave for Mexico, so I meet with Jules, the director at newMARK models and the videographer who shoots me surfing. We go over brands that I’m going to promote while I’m out there. I need to make sure we have the right shot, that we post on time, and that we’re tagging the right things. Jules organizes me with a calendar. It’s awesome how organized she is because I’m not at all.

5 P.M. Malibu sunset

I catch a sunset view with friends at their Malibu spot with a rad rooftop. I’m an early bird — I'm a wimp at staying up late and drinking, so I head out of L.A. soon after sunset.


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6:30 P.M Quick shopping stop

I stop at Buffalo Exchange to get a bunch of rad stuff — like a whole two years’ worth of wardrobe that I’m obsessed with. I bought old dresses from the ’70s that people just didn’t want anymore.

7:30 P.M. Head back south

I stop at Active Culture in San Clemente and Laguna. It’s my favorite vegan and organic restaurant — super tasty!


A photo posted by IVY MILLER (@ivuss) on


9:30 P.M. School and work

I’m a full-time student in marketing and communications studies, so I need to catch up on homework! All my schooling is online, so I still get to do photo shoots and travel. I’m also coordinating this surf retreat in Bali, so I check emails and make sure everyone in Bali knows what’s going on. The retreat is in Ubud [in the center of Bali], but we will be going to different surf spots every day. Planning it has taken a lot of my time.

12 A.M. Wind down

I’m reading a really interesting book called Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, so I grab my book and my golden retriever pup and call it a night.


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