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15 Dec

Courtney Sixx's DIY Salma Mermaid Crown

Posted by Bikini Owner

Courtney Sixx DIY Salma Mermaid Crown


The holidays are right around the corner, meaning we’re all looking for gifts that won’t break the bank. Courtney Sixx is here with a solution: the DIY Salma mermaid crown. This crown is truly royal: It’s inspired by Moroccan princess Lalla Salma.

Follow these instructions — then add a bikini for a look that’s fit for royalty.


Courtney Sixx DIY Salma Mermaid Crown Supplies

What You'll Need

1-inch wide satin ribbon

1 large agate stone

2 medium agate stones

2 small agate or crystal stones

1 medium scalloped shell

Assortment of purple, green, and pink crystal embellishments

2 ladder horn snail shells

Hot glue gun

Needle and thread


Courtney Sixx DIY Salma Mermaid Crown Supplies

The Salma Mermaid Crown

1. Cut a 1-inch wide satin ribbon to the circumference of your head.

2. Using a needle and thread, sew the large agate stone to the center of the ribbon. Place the agate stone near the bottom of the ribbon in order to leave room for added embellishments later on.

3. Sew the medium-sized agate stones on either side of the large agate stone. This way, the stones will all look like charms hanging down your forehead.

4. Using the hot glue gun, attach the scalloped shell above the large agate stone at the center.


Courtney Sixx DIY Salma Mermaid Crown Supplies

5. Between the scalloped shell and large agate stone, attach one of the jeweled embellishments.

6. Using the hot glue gun, attach the crystal pieces around the agate stones. This will serve as extra embellishment. It is best to use purple, green, and pink colored crystals in order to stay true to the Moroccan theme of the crown.

7. Moving outward, use the hot glue gun to adhere the ladder horn snail shells to the crown. Place one shell on the left and one on the right.

8. As a finishing touch, attach the remaining small agate or crystal stones. Voila! You have a mermaid crown fit for a princess.


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Photo Credit: Troy Jensen