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28 Sep

Courtney Sixx's DIY Aphrodite Mermaid Crown

Posted by Bikini Owner

Courtney Sixx

Move over, flower crowns: Adorned with seashells and jewels, mermaid crowns are where we're at for the moment. We enlisted DIY expert Courtney Sixx of How 2 Girl to create a series of mermaid crowns exclusively for us at Bikini.

First up, the Aphrodite mermaid crown, inspired by the Greek goddess of love. Read on for instructions on making your own mermaid crown — it's easy! — then pack it up for your next festival.


What You'll Need

Satin ribbon

Hot glue gun

2 medium-sized scallop shells

2 bejeweled chains

1 large rhinestone

Assortment of seashells and jewel embellishments

Aphrodite Mermaid Crown Supplies


The Aphrodite Mermaid Crown

1. Cut a 2 inch piece of satin ribbon to size.

2. Hot glue 1 large scallop shell into the center, leaving an inch below untouched.

3. Add two medium-sized scallop shells to each side of the large shell, angling outwards.

4. Cut two bejeweled chains to taste, depending on how low or high you want it to sit on your head. Adhere into place with a hot glue gun, or you can use a needle and thread from the center of the bottom half of the ribbon outwards.


Aphrodite Mermaid Crown DIY


5. Add a large, embellished rhinestone or bejeweled piece to the center of your ribbon (it will be glued onto the ribbon as well as the center shell)

6. Cutting your rhinestone chain to the size of your ribbon as you lay it down, diagonally adhere it next to both sides of the two medium shells to taste.

7. Add on extra sea shells and jewel embellishments until you get the desired look. I stuck with golds, topaz and browns for this crown to give it a sexy feel. It is inspired by Aphrodite, after all!


Aphrodite Mermaid Crown DIY