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22 Jan

Bikini Whisperer: What Are The Best Swimsuits For Pregnancy?


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Our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, is here to guide readers through their trickiest swimwear questions. Got a question of your own? Drop us a line! 

Today's question:

Dear Bikini Whisperer, 

I'm pregnant! While I'm really excited about my growing baby bump, I have no idea how to find a swimsuit that makes sense for my body. Every part of my body feels a bit alien, and I'm not sure how to find a suit that will make me feel gorgeous — but still totally comfortable — on my upcoming babymoon. Please help! 


Hi there! 

Firstly — congratulations! This is a super-exciting time, and you shouldn't spend it being stressed about swimsuits. What's really challenging about pregnancy is how many transitions your body will go through over the next nine months. You might not look pregnant at all until the end of your first trimester or into your second, but come the final weeks, there will be no doubt about your globe-like bump.

There are a few key decisions to make when selecting swimwear for pregnancy: do you want to wear a bikini and display your belly, or keep it covered up in a one-piece? Your answer may surprise you — you might always go for maillots but find that wearing swim separates just feels right now, or vice-versa. You should also figure out how much beach/pool time you'll actually have, and when; this will help you figure out sizing. If your babymoon is early in your pregnancy, you might find that the 'kinis in your closet still totally work. If it's deep into the second or third trimester, you're probably going to want to buy one to accommodate your belly (and your boobs — they might be seriously super-sized). 

Here are a few suggestions and ideas for styles that work really well for mamas-to-be. 


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You can't go wrong with a classic bikini — in the early months a skimpy suit might feel just right, or you could opt for one that offers a bit more support in the bust, as you might see that you grow up to two to four cup sizes during your pregnancy. The Marysia Mott bikini top in black, $149 is a great choice because it's a bit more full-bodied than a classic triangle top but offers the full adjustability, which will accommodate your fluctuating bust size. A low-rise bottom like the Marysia Mott bikini bottom in black, $149 is a great pick because it won't constrain your growing bump and also has side ties which can adjust for any weight gain in the later weeks. What's great about adjustable suits like this is that you can wear them post-pregnancy, too. 


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If you'd like to try to camouflage your bump (really only possible in the early months), look for suits with lots of details and vibrant prints that dazzle the eye — and distract from your belly. Blue Life's Roped Up one-piece swimsuit in white, $169 has a plunging neckline and lace-up sides, which cleverly allows you to adjust the fit for several months. Moeva's Brooke one-piece swimsuit in black/white, $319, is another chic option. Adjustable shoulder straps mean you can lengthen the torso a bit, and the high-cut neck offers ample coverage for your bust. The cool laser-cut details offer just enough intrigue without being fussy. 



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A one-piece suit that has a long torso or adjustable shoulder straps, like the Raisins Curve Tortuga one-piece swimsuit in floral print, $89 is a smart pregnancy pick because it will accommodate a belly that's expanding and offer a bit of support for all that extra weight thanks to its extra-tense, supportive fabric. Chrissy Teigen's cutout style is a clever pregnancy styling trick, as it offers a sexy effect without sacrificing style and structure. Raisins Curve Encinita bikini top in Black Magic, $39 is a stellar option for expecting bikini babes.