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08 Nov

Bikini Whisperer: Ideal suits for cellulite

Posted by Bikini Owner in advice, bikini, Bikini whisperer, questions, tips

Today, we welcome back our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, who'll be with us all season, guiding readers through their trickiest swimwear dilemmas. Today's question:

Dear Bikini Whisperer, 

I am dreading bikini season! I have stubborn cellulite that refuses to go away regardless of how hard I work out, eat clean or use anti-cellulite skincare potions. Help! What suit can I wear that will best hide my dimples?



The Bikini Whisperer responds: 

Girl, you’re not alone! We’re all there with you, wishing we had teen-year old butts — but reality is that those not-so-lovely dimples are just a process of aging. Welcome to womanhood.

Instead of worrying so much about cellulite, embrace the features you love. Have wonderful knockers? A plunging neckline will accent your assets. Have lovely stems? Wear a high-cut one-piece to show off your legs. The list is endless. I’m sure there’s that one feature you’re proud of, whether it’s your hair, tummy, or even nails. I promise there’s a way to accent your best traits and genuinely enjoy bikini season. There’s plenty to enjoy while the sun is shining – there’s no need to dread. And remember: Basically everybody has it, and nobody cares.  

If you're feeling anxious, though, rest assured: Certain suits will help cover cellulite — or distract from it. Read our tips below and then consider shopping the anti-cellulite collection  

If you have a bikini question for the Bikini Whisperer, send it here!

Print Bikinis

Busy prints: Here’s an optical illusion trick! Choose prints that are busy or abstract and keep the eye away from cellulite.



Cover-ups: Duh – this is a no-brainer. There’s literally a cover-up for everyone – from shorts to lounge pants to our absolute fave: Boys and Arrows' clip-on piece. Only bummer is that you can’t swim in these.



Full Coverage Bikinis

Full-coverage bottoms: Cheeky bottoms, although trending, can be intimidating — so opt for bottoms with more coverage. Extra tip: silhouettes like these have details — a high-waist bottom or side cut-outs — that draw attention to the mid-section.


Plunging Neckline

Plunging necklines: Down-to-there necklines keep things extra sexy — and take the attention from your derriere.


Bikinis With Skirts

Skirt bottoms: A total figure-flattering detail! Ruched skirt panels extend over the hip and butt area.


Duskii Leggings

Water leggings: Cover-ups are meant to be worn out of the water, but these on-trend leggings offer the coverage you may want in the water. Plus, this total winner is ideal for watersports and gym. Win, win!