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21 Nov

Bikini Whisperer On How to Keep Your Tan All Year Long

Posted by Bikini Owner in fake, fall, faux, tanning, technique, tips

Our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, is here to guide readers through their trickiest swimwear questions. Got a question of your own? Drop us a line!

Today's question:

Hi Bikini Whisperer, 

I'm freaking out! I'm losing my summer tan, and I'm not sure how to make it last. I'm not a fan of UV beds, and there's only so much makeup bronzers can do for my pale skin. Are there any other ways to keep a semi-tan all year long? I've tried many self-tanners that have left me looking like a zebra — or that stain my white sheets. Please help!


Hello there, 

First things first: Do not do indoor tanning. We get it — a tan is nice. If you're going to skip the SPF a couple days in the summer — we get it. Anything else, though, isn't worth the damage to your skin. Seriously. 

Now, moving on from our PSA. You might just not be using self-tanners the right way. You need to start off with a great scrub. Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate some more to get rid of any dead skin. It's crucial to begin self-tanning with a clean slate, so that you do not streak later. A coconut exfoliator that hydrates is your best bet — flaky or dull skin needs to be gone entirely. The more hydrated your skin, the more it will evenly absorb products applied afterward. Prepping is a huge step and one you should never neglect.

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After exfoliation, shower with a cold-water blast to shrink pores, which will help prevent dark spots. Do not lather on body lotion after showering, as it will prevent products from penetrating the skin. 

Choose a daily, self-tanning body moisturizer — this will appear more natural through the winter months ahead. Although this won't drastically change your natural skin tone, it's a great base. Replace your body lotion with a daily tanning formula that's water-based, and use it in the mornings to avoid staining sheets. 

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If you still want to go darker, you can. After seven to 10 days, or whenever you have achieved a base tan, apply a single-use lotion. Bronzing lotions are great when used sparingly; too much will leave you streaky. Never apply before a rigorous exercise routine. Wash thoroughly after each use and remember to scrub away any excess that may remain on the skin, especially around the knees and elbow region. 

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Never apply self-tanning products not intended for the face to your face — it'll clog pores! Use powders that last longer than a single-use. Lightly dust entire face with the brush and softly blend in. For an extra defined look, contour around the jawline, cheekbones, and sides of the hairline. 

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To sculpt and contour areas of your body, add extra shading with a slim brush around the collarbones, between thighs, waist curvature, and below biceps. 

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Moisturizing and keeping skin dewy is key in avoiding streaking and fast fading. Apply a lightweight oil moisturizer that glides easily and evenly.