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27 Jan

Bikini Whisperer: Ditch the Tan Lines With These Suits

Posted by Bikini Owner in basking, bikini, burnt, sun, swimwear, tan, tan line, tanning

Our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, is here to guide readers through their trickiest swimwear questions. Got a question of your own? Drop us a line!

Today's question:

Hi Bikini Whisperer,

I’m about to go on a trip with my surfer husband, which means tons of sun basking for me — for the first time in months, my skin will see the sun. I need a new suit that won’t give me a funky tan that I’d have to deal with for the rest of bikini season. What swimsuit do you recommend for serious sessions of surf watching and sun lounging?


Hi there, 

Let's start by saying that responsible tanning is our motto. Please wear some SPF protection, especially around sensitive areas like your face and ears. Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon. Don’t be a statistic and buy yourself a bronzing sunscreen. We prefer tinted, chemical-free options from Shade

Some sun exposure is inevitable, so we'll gear the rest of our post to that incidental color. (Remember: Wear your SPF!) 

Whatever tan lines you initially obtain will most likely stay as the skin color gets darker and darker. Our number-one rule is to stay away from strappy pieces and intricate cut-outs at first. Try to keep it as minimal as possible and opt for simple, small bikinis — at least for these early-in-the-season-sessions. See below for the top bikini recommendations that don't compromise style. 


Bandeaus are obviously your top friend. The smaller the band, the better. V-shaped cuts minimize straight line across the chest. Unstrap the ties when you can — it'll make for zero tan lines and a sexy back in a low-back dress. 


bikinis for tanning

Montce Swim Bellini top, $98

bikinis for tanning

Kovey Ripple top, $39

bikini for tanning

MIKOH Reunion top, $86


A string-tied, adjustable triangle top is another great option. Look for the small triangles and ones that can slide at the bottom of the breast. Adjust the width of the triangle by gathering the fabric to minimize the silhouette and show off the side-boob. It’s also super easy to untie the back when laying on your tummy.

bikinis tanning

No Strings Attached Classic lace top, $88


bikinis for tanning

Bettinis Triangle top, $83


bikinis for tanning

Boys and Arrows Millie the Misdemeanor top, $88


Still want to wear the season’s it item?  Find a one-piece with super low back, high leg cuts and super thin straps for minimal tan lines front and back.

bikinis for tan lines

Mara Hoffman High-leg tank one-piece, $225


bikinis for zero tan lines

Blue Life Oasis one-piece, $120