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07 Oct

Bikini Whisperer: Best Shades for your Face Shape

Posted by Bikini Owner

Our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, is back guiding readers through their trickiest style questions. Today? She's talking sunglasses.

Dear Bikini Whisperer, 

Are there frames that best flatter my face shape? I never quite know what the rule of thumb when shopping for sunglasses. I desperately need a new pair, and before I buy online, I’d like to know which ones I should certainly stray from and which ones could possibly work.


The Bikini Whisperer responds: 

Of course I can offer some sunglass shopping tips. There are certain frames which flatter faces very differently and highlight individual features. Let’s start with a brief breakdown of the different facial outlines and sunglass silhouettes. 

Remember, not all face shapes fit into a specific (round, oval, square, heart) category, and labeling all of our structural uniqueness into four specific shapes is impossible. Use this only as a broad guideline that allows you to narrow down your sunny selections.

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Oval-shaped faces tend to have prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin with a wider forehead. Shop for geometric or rounded lenses with features that draw the attention to the top of the frames. 

Sunglasses for heart shaped face

Quay Fleur, $50  and Ocean Jaws, $98


A heart face is defined by a pointy chin and narrow jawline with a broader forehead. Characteristics like this work well with cat-eye sunglasses. Fortunately, you can get away with oversized statement and round frames as well. 

Sunglasses for Oval faces

Quay Delilah, $50 and Wonderland Blythe, $180

Rounded faces have softer features and a width and length that are almost equal. Avoid oversized sunglasses that take up too much of your face. Opt for aviators, Wayfarer or cat-eye frames — these offer the best angles and dimension. 

Sunglasses for round faces\

Ocean Lizard Wood, $69 and Wonderland Stateline, $170


A square face has strong, well-defined angles in the forehead, cheekbones and jaw. Aviator types and rounded lenses soften your features and suit you best. Stay away from super angular shades.

Sunglasses for squared faces

Ocean Cyclops, $89 and Wonderland Indio, $185