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24 Aug

Bikini SOS: How To Care For Your Suit

Posted by Bikini Owner in bikini care

You've found the perfect bikini — congratulations!

If you've spent a bundle (hey, good suits are worth the investment), you probably have a gorgeously crafted swimsuit on your hands — one made from lush fabric, maybe with some fancy embellishments. Are you really expected to wear it? At the beach, where it could get all sandy? Or in a pool, where chlorine could kill it? If you play your cards right, and arm yourself with the right gear to treat it well, that suit you just spent triple digits on could last you till you're practically in triple-digit years yourself.

First things first. Sit on a towel, not the sand, a bench, or the steps of the pool. Grit, splinters, and concrete can all pill and pull delicate stretch fabric, causing sagging and tears.

Whether you've been in chlorine or saltwater, rinsing your suit in fresh water ASAP is key in preserving the fabric and keeping dyes from fading. Hand washing is best, with warm water and mild detergent intended for delicates.

Using a large jar or bucket to create gentle agitation, mimicking a washing machine but way, way gentler, is a smart way to wash a few suits at a time. Rinse several times, and don't squeeze — gently wring the suit of excess water and lay it flat to dry to preserve it's shape. If you do use a washing machine, a mesh lingerie bag will keep straps from getting wound around the agitator of the machine.

One important factor in helping keep a suit in tiptop shape? Don't wear it every single day—  rotating suits will give the Spandex a chance to spring back to its natural shape and resist permanent stretching.

Does that mean you have to go bathing suit shopping again? Perhaps. The next time you find one you absolutely love, it might be smart to double up!