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18 Jul

Bikini Must-Haves for Swim Week

Posted by Bikini Owner in 2017, bikini, events, industry, Miami, runways, Swim, swimwear, Week

Miami Swim Week is right around the corner — so we had to ask our favorite bikini peeps: What must you absolutely pack? Below, the picks from a bikini influencer, designer, publicist, buyer, and editor. Looking for a common thread? All the pieces below will withstand the summer heat and busy schedules ahead. 



Designer Picks: Samantha Khoury, Amaio 

designer picks


1. Ouai Foam dry shampoo, $28 — It completely saves me from having to wash my hair every day and therefore keeps it healthy. 

2. Byredo 1996 perfume, $155— It's my favorite perfume and my daily go-to. 

3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF, $44 — It's my preference over foundation, and it keeps my face protected from the sun.  

4. Hermes Oran Sandals, $1,355  — They're perfect for any summer holiday and go with everything — light, easy, and beautiful. 

5. Amaiò Avril Maillot, $360 — The perfect summer bodysuit/swimsuit. Easy to pair with jean shorts or high-waisted skirt. Super versatile. 


Editor Picks: Diana Ganem, Style Editor 

editor picks

1. Ouai Wave Spray, $26 — Tames my wavy hair in the crazy humidity of Miami. 

2. Kani Rose Tone Hydrating Rosewater Facial Toner, $22 — Another one of my beauty tricks to feel fresh throughout the day.

3. doTerra Peppermint Oil, $27.33 — I keep this in my handbag wherever I go — it's my life saver. I pour a couple of drops in my hands, rub them together and apply to the back of my neck and temples — it feels super refreshing! Once in a while, if I need a tummy soother or mouth freshener, I put a drop directly in my mouth or a glass of water. 

4. Gucci Round-Frame metal sunglasses, $385 — I love this pair — the vintage feel it lends really suits my style and seems to go with almost every outfit I'll be bringing. 

5. Acacia Stitched Humuhumu top, $110 and Waikoloa bottom, $106 — When in work mode, I obviously don't wear a bikini, but as soon as I get a break, this is my tiny-bikini. It's great for sun basking.

6. Beth Richards Coco one-piece, $250 — I never leave for a tropical destination without my swimwear staple — a black one-piece that easily transitions from beach to street when paired with denim. 

7. Skye & Staghorn Turkish beaded top, $155 and string bottom, $65 — Call me an excessive bikinista but having a third novelty suit in my suitcase is key. This beaded top is my absolute fave and is perfect for the poolside events. 


Buyer Picks: Ashley Baier, Head Buyer

buyer picks


1. Wonderland Blythe sunglasses, $18 — I am so excited to head off to Miami for Swim Week. With this being my third year, I feel like I have become somewhat of a professional at packing the essentials. I would never head out to Miami without my favorite pair of sunnies.

2. Advanced Climate Control Anti-Frizz travel set, $38 — Hello humidity and curls! I don't even pack the straightener anymore — I go with the flow with all-natural texture and some anti-frizz control.

3. Birkenstock Arizona Smooth leather sandals, $125 — As the lead buyer, I am going non-stop from meeting to meeting, so as much as fashion is important, so is comfort. I gave up on heels a few years back and always bring a comfy but cute pair of Birkenstocks to wear while running around.

4.  Acacia Kekaha crochet top, $119 and Nusa crochet bottom, $119 — I can't forget a bikini (or four). At some point, you will catch me poolside at an event or at the beach taking a dip after a long day. 

5. Blue Life Ceres cami dress, $141 — The evening time is when we switch gears to a little more formal attire — but it's still so hot, so better believe I will have a few sundresses packed.



Influencer Picks: Katie Dunlop, Creator of Love Sweat Fitness

influencer picks

1. Indah Andrea Macrame Top, $154 and Fallen Macrame Bottom, $143 — A bikini, obviously. This one by Indah is one of my current faves. 

2. Wattzup flamingo charger, $31.99 — A portable phone charger! I go through my battery so fast posting an Instagram story, Snapchat and doing live streams. 

3. Hot Body Sweat Guide — I always make sure to get in a quick 30 minute sweat session before starting the day, so I’m looking and feeling my best. I love it because I can do it anywhere, even in a hotel room, and don’t need any equipment.

4. Loving Tan 2 Hr Express Tanning Mousse, $39.95 — This is my absolute favorite self-tanner. It gives you a great natural deep tan immediately and develops fast so you can shower off in two hours and keep your tan.

5. Kopari Coconut Body Glow, $42 — It gives me the perfect, sun-kissed bronze skin — plus it's a great moisturizer.


Publicist Picks: Melanie Hunter, Publicist at The Riviere Agency

Publicist picks

1. Salty Mermaid camo hat, $25 — I need sun protection, and a fun trucker hat is a way to go. 

2. Brappz Bra Strapz, $5.50— They're basically replacement bra straps that are easy to hide but can also be used as shoe strings, hair ties, and chokers. It's a cute accessory that you can get lots of different uses from — especially when traveling and running around Miami. 

3. Issa De' Mar Hina mini-dress, $87 — A cute simple cover-up that looks like a dress, easy for transitioning between poolside events and meetings. 


Influencer Picks: Whitney Fransway, Bachelor S21

Miami must haves

1. Flynn Skye Leila Lace Up Mini Dress, $154 — You can never go wrong with a girly, short dress for the hot Miami heat and humidity during the day. This is a look that is really easy and comfortable throughout the day hopping from event to event! If you even want to wear this look into the evening, you can change accessories and walk out the door look.

2. EyeBuy Direct Crush Pink Sunglasses, $55 — Whether you are grabbing brunch, catching some rays, or in between events, sunglasses are a must! The round shaped lens is in trend right now and the light rimmed color adds a flirty aspect. Bringing a sunglass that has a neutral color will match anything you bring as well!

3. Pop and Suki Camera Bag, $195 — This side body bag is the perfect size to go from events and runway shows to a night out. From casual to dressy the white camera bag goes with everything you wear in Miami. A fun feature about this brand is that they will monogram your name on the bottom! It is super cute and simple.

4. Coola SPF 30 Spray, $36 — Coola is my favorite body sunscreen because it is hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten free. It is a sheen protection from the sun! The UV rays in Miami are really strong and you don’t want a sunburn to ruin your Swim Week.

5. Mikoh Kahala Top, $108 and Bondi Bottom, $86 — My favorite swimsuit to bring this year for swim week is the Kahala top and Bondi bottom. A simple bikini is always my go-to and neutral. This bone white swimsuit is playing off the white vibes in Miami; You can’t go wrong with white in Miami.