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30 Oct

Bikini girls share their top beaches

Posted by Bikini Owner

If you love bikinis, you love the beach: It's that simple. So we asked some of our favorite bikini fans to share their must-go beaches. Consider it a to-do list for 2016. 

Chloe Morrow - The Bikini Enthusiast

the bikini enthusiast

My favorite beach is Meelup Beach, on the southwest coast of Australia. It's located about 10 minutes’ drive from Dunsborough and remains largely untouched, aside from a car park and picnic area. It's a perfect little bay with pure white sand and the clearest water I've ever seen. I miss spending long summer days there and can't wait to head back for a visit soon. The whole Western Australia coastline is beautiful, but Meelup Beach holds a special place in my heart!

Meelup Beach in Australia

Meelup Beach


Cemile Kavountzis, Bikini Bandit

Bikini Bandit

My favorite place to be is the beach. There are all kinds of beaches: sandy ones, pebbly ones, wild ones, party ones, postcard-perfect ones. Each one fits the mood or moment I'm in, but the one I have grown up on is Provatas in Milos, Greece. It has soft reddish sand and clear shallow water, I love swimming there and reading my book under the tree. It’s not the most beautiful beach I have ever been to, but it is the most comfortable to me, like an old pair of jeans you've worn until they fray.

Milos Greece

Provatas Beach


Diana Ganem,'s own Market Editor

Flamenco beach

Flamenco Beach is my absolute favorite. It’s in Culebra, an island off the coast of Puerto Rico, one of the most humble and quaint islands I’ve ever been to. Flamenco Beach is beyond magical, with calm turquoise water and super-white sand. I love the vibe more than anything — you can hear Latin tunes in the distance, where beach shacks sell snacks and local booze. It’s very chill yet lively and not very commercialized. Bioluminescents are seen frequently, and the snorkeling is out of this world.

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach