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11 Jan

Bikini Brand Ambassadors Share Their 2018 Resolutions

Are you an ocean-lover? Were you born to travel? Then you should join our exclusive batch of brand ambassadors — also known as #RealBikiniBabes.

To get a little insight into what makes each of our ambassadors super-special, we asked a few of them what their resolutions are for the new year. What's more inspiring than hearing the uplifting intentions of beach-loving babes? Read their resolutions below, then apply to join our perk-filled, totally amazing brand ambassador program here.


Farina Aguinaldo

My new year's resolution for 2018 is to take more risks and just do it. 

I plan to saying "yes" to more opportunities, experiences, and stop over-estimating the probability of something going wrong. As someone who just turned 21 this past year, I still find myself asking for permission to do this and do that, and I think that has created a barrier between what I am comfortable of inside my safety bubble versus the unknown, the risks, and the experiences the outside world has to offer.

Learning to take risks doesn't mean being reckless or foolhardy. It's taking a mature decision and identifying which risks are worth taking to achieve your goals in life. If the positives exceed the negatives and the advantage of action surpasses inaction, then it's time to take the plunge and take the risk. 

I need to remind myself that this is my life, my journey, my decisions, and only I can be the one to maneuver it. 


Christina Huynh


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My New Year's resolution is to find inner peace within myself. I feel that once you find inner peace, you enjoy life more for what it really is, instead of materialistic things; being comfortable with what you have now and not searching for more. [Experiencing] the pure beauty of the world and its different cultures and people.

Traveling and going on hikes, while embracing the beauty of everything around me — whether it's good or bad. I've already traveled to several countries in Southeast Asia, this year I will be traveling to Central America.

Surrounding myself with people who have knowledge of the world, are encouraging, high-spirited, and willing to share their experiences with me. Being around good energy will encourage me to do more for myself and others, just as they are.


Samantha Hwa

Bikini Brand Ambassador #RealBikiniBabe Samantha Hwa

My New Year's resolution is to stress less about the insignificant things in life and to focus on self-happiness! To me, this means:

1. Working on my health and wellness.

2. Spending time with the people I love.

3. Doing the things I love, which includes traveling more!

2017 took me all along the California coastline, across the country to New York, down to Costa Rica, across the world to Taiwan, China, and Japan, and finally, I [ended] on a beach in Mexico! Bring on 2018!


Laura Odegard

Bikini Brand Ambassador #RealBikiniBabe Laura Odegard

My New Year's resolution is to be more present! I find myself looking at my phone/email/social media more often than I’d care to admit ... I plan to make this change by turning off my phone for one hour a day. I hope to be less glued to my phone and more into living my life.