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28 Mar

The Best Swimwear For Boyish Shapes

Posted by Bikini Owner in bikini, body, boy, frame, slender, straight, swimsuit, tall, tips, type

Bikini's advice column is back, featuring the hard-earned wisdom of our very own swimsuit master, the Bikini Whisperer. Today, we hear from a woman looking for swimsuits that flatter her boyish frame — and the Bikini Whisperer has some ideas for how to handle. Looking for some advice of your own? Drop us a line!

Hi Bikini Whisperer, 

Are there any bikinis specially designed to flatter slender, tall and boyish frames? I’d love to appear more feminine — I feel like a young boy at times especially in a bikini. Can you help? 


Hey there!
It's important to understand; we celebrate all body types from uber-curvy babes to triangle type and slender frames — there's beauty in each one and a bikini that flatters every body type. Showing off your best assets is a matter of understanding which swimsuits features to look for and which to avoid. We get bikini shopping can be daunting, so let's sort out some guidelines for your specific body type. 


High waist bikinis are ideal for females with minimal curves. They sit right at the waist, drawing attention to the mid-section – accentuating the smallest area of your width which zooms in on the curve you do have. Play around with textures which add dimension to your physique — perforated mesh, ribbed and even lace are great.

 swimsuit for slender shapes

Beach Bunny Hayden Off Shoulder bikini top in black, $129 and Beach Bunny Hayden High-Waist bikini bottom in black, $129


Monokinis are basically created for your shape. Make sure the monokini panel has a slight or dramatic curve — it adds a curved waistline illusion. Pair with a deep-V neckline to draw attention to your bust section. If you’re feeling fashion-forward, tie side-ties high on the waist as an elongating trick!

swimsuit for slender shapes

Beach Joy Crochet High Neck one-piece swimsuit in tangerine yellow, $59


Look for cutouts that sit around the hips, as they draw attention to this section and offer an illusion of wider hips. Pair with a high-waist bikini silhoutte to create a cinching effect that looks closer to an hourglass frame. swimsuit for slender shapes

Beach Riot Penny bikini top in denim, $129 and Beach Riot Whitney bikini bottom in denim, $149 


Consider belts your best friends; this trending detail is all about slimming the waist by drawing attention to the middle of the torso. Make sure the belt sits right on the waist for a proportional appearance and comfort. 

swimsuit for slender shapes

Ellejay Amores Banded one-piece swimsuit in black, $169


Do play with color blocking. Any pattern that focuses on the center navel instantly widens the bottom half and top of shoulders, narrowing the waist giving the appearance of dramatic curves. Make sure the loudest color sits in the center!  

swimsuit for slender shapes

Flagpole Perry Bralette bikini top in strawberry/rose/petal, $199 and Flagpole Perry High-Waist bikini bottom in strawberry/rose/petal, $199


Many tall physiques with long torsos face a problem with one-pieces — they tug and pull and just don't fit length-wise. Look for adjustable straps that give slack around the shoulders. 

swimsuit for slender shapes

Gael London Black Sahara one-piece swimsuit in black, $229


Here's another way to play with patterns — horizontal stripes ussually widen a shape, but these thoughtfully placed floral panels majorly amplify your waistline curvature. 

swimsuits for slender shapes

Seea Lola one-piece swimsuit in camburi, $129


If high-waist bikini bottoms aren't your go-to style, skip it! Choose a top that draws attention to your waist with wrap-around straps. Pull them to down to sit perfectly on the slimmest part of your torso and pull the bottom straps high enough on the hip. 

swimsuits for slender shapes

Solid & Striped The Hannah String bikini bottom in rust black, $89 and Solid & Striped The Hannah Wrap bikini top in rust black, $89