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18 Mar

The Best Bikinis For Pear Shapes

Posted by Bikini Owner in bikini, body, bottom, heavy, pear, shape, swimsuits, tips, type

Our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, is back guiding readers through their trickiest swimwear questions. Today's question:

Hi Bikini Whisperer, 

I'm a pear shape — I usually buy large bikini bottoms with a small top. What swimsuits are the best for my body type and are there any that I shouldn't wear?



The Bikini Whisperer responds: 

It sounds like you definitely are a pear shape with a heavier bottom frame, which is totally peachy. I wouldn't refrain from any particular bikini or one-piece swimsuit — if you love it, rock it! It's all about confidence! No matter what you wear, it's the body acceptance and self-love that outweighs any slendering fashion trick. If you already got that commanding bikini babe vibe and all you want to do is accentuate your best assets, the bikini tips below will do you just fine.

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bikinis for pear body types

Helen Jon Del Rey one-piece swimsuit in laguna, $159

A great rule to follow: select pieces that draw focus to the upper part of the body, never the lower half. You can accomplish this with the right placement of a dominating print, color block, or embellishment — this one-piece swimsuit illustrates this clearly. Make sure to choose a print which lays on top and is broken up at the waist with a pop of color block, solid or a subtle/less busy print below. 


bikinis for pear body types

Lolli Kat Cut Out Halter one-piece swimsuit in peaches n cream stripes, $149

We know vertical stripes elongate and horizontal widen, so this play of stripe placement is ideal for narrowing hips and balancing the top half. You can never go wrong with an attention-grabbing cut-out that sits on the upper torso.


bikinis for pear body types

Moeva Bridget Gold Belt one-piece swimsuit in wild orchid, $459

And if you're feeling risqué, plunging necklines are meant for your specific body shape. They sail the eye from navel to face, taking attention away from the unbalanced bottom. Plus, a dramatic belt defines and cinches at the waist to exaggerate your womanly curves.


bikinis for pear body types

Norma Kamali Stud Slip Mio one-piece swimsuit in studded black, $549

It's always nice to add a bit of volume where it is minimal. This studded one-piece swimsuit highlights the bust region, creating an illusion of added dimension which balances your frame. 


bikinis for pear body types

Raisins Curve Tortuga one-piece swimsuit in black, $89

A slimming black one-piece is never a bad idea, especially with added volume placed where it's needed the most. Look for swimwear that features 3D details like flounce, ruffles, big bows or textures in the top — it lends that instant balancing trick.


bikinis for pear body types

Beach Riot Marina Shoulder Tie bikini top in vintage floral, $95 and Beach Riot Hayden TIe Side Cheeky bikini bottom in vintage floral, $88

Choosing adjustable ties that sit at the hip is key.  Avoid any bulges and let the tie sit nicely high at the hip, which elongates legs and narrows the body's width. 


bikinis for pear body types

Jade Swim Apex One Shoulder bikini top in sky, $89 and Jade Swim Bound High Waisted bikini bottom in sky, $89

If we're playing with illusions and fit, a seamless high-waist bottom paired with an interesting bikini top that demands attention balances your frame, appearing closer to an hourglass body type. Dramatic asymmetrical cuts on top with clean lines on the bottom half do the trick. 



bikinis for pear body types

Lolli Peach Lover bikini bralette in peaches n cream stripes, $99 and Lolli Peach Lover Hipster bikini bottom in peaches n cream stripes, $99

The flirtiest way to balance a bottom-heavy frame are obvious playful motifs that sit at the bust. This peachy patch and vertical stripe combination is genius keeping the eye moving up and down rather than side to side. 


bikinis for pear body types

MGS Low Tide Triangle bikini top in black with gold, $89 and MGS Low Tide Skimpy bikini bottom in black with gold, $69

Here's another way to play with patches or embroidery placements. Notice the V-neck bikini top which accentuates the breast, taking most of the attention away from your hips.