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01 Dec

Behind the Scenes with Zigilane

Posted by Bikini Owner

Flight attendant-turned-swimwear designer Bianca Lane took a moment to chat with us about her work as the creative mastermind behind Aussie swimwear brand Zigilane — the celeb-favorite bikini line with a ton of attitude and girl power that's coming soon to Bikini. We're excited to have her bikinis on the site — see below for a peek behind the scenes! 


New Collection from Zigilane


How did Zigilane come about?

I was living in St. Tropez, in the south of France. I sketched my first collection while I was there, then came back home to Sydney, Australia to officially get started. The name “ Zigilane” came easy – Zigi is my alter ego – the naughty, confident and playful side of me, and my last name is Lane (which is totally street).


What happens behind-the-scenes on a day to day at Zigilane’s headquarters?

Every day is so different – no day is the same. From the second I wake up, I could be doing anything from Skyping with PR, designing, organizing photo shoots, editing photos, casting models, sampling swimwear, celebrity meetings, sourcing retailers, pattern making and production. It’s just non-stop! It’s actually crazy, but I thrive off it – it’s what makes me tick.


Behind the scenes with Zigilane


Where do you find the most inspiration?

I definitely feel inspired on my morning walks. However, my true creativity runs wild at night. I actually dream of swimwear.  


When designing, do you keep a specific body type in mind?

I design for a woman to feel confident, strong, and stylish with cuts that complement your shape and accentuate the womanly figure.


Zigilane's mood board


How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Chic, effortless and street.


Would you say your design aesthetic resembles your personal style?

Definitely! Every design is made with so much thought and passion. I personally name each swimsuit with a cool name because it’s swimwear that makes a statement and is worn with a purpose.


New Collection From Zigilane


Do you have a design background?

I have not been technically trained. However, I know exactly what I want and like. I was actually a ballet dancer until I grew too tall and lanky. Then, my first job was as a flight attendant, which I enjoyed for several years before starting Zigilane.

I was born in Melbourne, moved to London with the family when I was young, then to Sydney in my teenage year, and am currently at Bondi Beach. I have traveled the world with friends and loved ones but mostly with family. My family is everything to me. Their support has really given me the confidence and ability to start Zigilane.  They have each played such an important role in helping me make my dream a reality.

What’s your favorite Zigilane piece and why?

I love a good full piece. My favorite changes all the time, at the moment though I would have to say “That Bee.” The fit just makes you feel like a ’90s supermodel. I always feel so supported and sexy with the zipper.

Kylie Jenner in That Bee from Zigilane


As an entrepreneur, what has been your biggest challenge and greatest success?

My biggest challenge is trying to do so much in such a short amount of time. My greatest success is when I see my swimwear on women. Whether it’s a girl at a resort or a celebrity on the cover of a magazine – it makes me so happy!


The new collection is about to be released on – where do you see this new collection going? What success do you wish to achieve this upcoming Spring/Summer season?

The new collection, “Bondi Heels,” is inspired by the fashion-forward woman. It is fierce, cheeky and strong. I think that girls around the world will fall in love with the style and edge that the collection personifies. I would love to see RiRi and Beyoncé bossing around in Zigilane for an amazing swim editorial in Vogue. In general, I hope for Zigilane to make waves globally within the swimwear industry. I want everyone to have a little “Zigi” in their life.