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21 Sep

Behind The Scenes: The Wanderlust Fitness

Posted by Bikini Owner

Woman Workout Clothes Wanderlust Box

One of the most fun parts about getting The Wanderlust up and running was diving deep into the world of beauty, style, travel, and fitness — and researching the best gear and products across those categories. Shopping for a living sounds rough, doesn't it? From test-driving yoga pants to doing research on the most delicious, nutritious supplements, the fitness category was a highlight: There is so much fun stuff out there! We wanted to give you guys a wider scope of the brands we are partnering with on our new subscription box so you get the real deal on why it's so exciting. We're starting with the fitness brands. 

We know that super-active, health-conscious people are realllllllly into their gear, and that we had to zero in on the coolest, smartest, most special brands to really make The Wanderlust rock. The first time we saw Shandali's gorgeous floral yoga mats, we were in love. Any company that works extra hard to add beauty to dutiful gear like mats and blocks has a special place in our heart. We can't hit up hot yoga without their towels, and especially love their surf towels for quick dry-offs at the beach. Also on the yoga front, Hugger Mugger's crazy grippy mats have been our go-to for years, as are their super-sturdy mat carriers, so we're thrilled to have a brand like theirs on board, too. When we're looking for a workout that kicks butt a bit harder, Title Boxing is our go-to for gear that helps us amp it up: their jump ropes and kettle bells make major impact in a home gym, and when we're oin the road their resistance training tubes fold up easily, making it a snap to work out while we're traveling. Once you discover the goodies from all these fitness brands in The Wanderlust, you'll understand our obsession with them, too. 


Hugger Mugger's gorgeous mat carriers. 

On the food front, we knew we had to find a proper mix of health-encouraging snacks and fitness fab foodie treats that would sync with our Bikini lifestyle. Lucky for us, that market is booming right now! Genesis Today is a genius blend of sustainably sourced superfoods and detox drinks that are perfect for keeping on hand to toss into smoothies or mix with water for a deeply nourishing post-workout beverage. Aloha bars are downright decadent, and their tea blends keep us going all day long (or help us sleep at night — thanks, Sleep Tea!). On the weight loss spectrum, it doesn't get more simple or satisfying than IdealShape, a mineral- and fiber-rich meal replacement solution that is so freaking delicious it's hard to believe it's a weight-loss tool. 



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We're constantly adding new brands, products and ideas to The Wanderlust, as our goal is to make it the most extensive, exclusive offering of seriously cool products that you won't be able to live without — once you know about them. The brands mentioned above are just a selection of what's in store — are you signed up yet?