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16 Nov

Behind The Scenes: The Wanderlust Beauty

Posted by Bikini Owner

the wanderlust beauty

The world of natural beauty can be a lovely, confusing place. When we were crafting the beauty section of offerings for The Wanderlust, we had a few sticking points in mind: We intended to find the most gorgeous products around that were also made with integrity, environmentally friendly, and as natural and pure as possible. This was no easy feat—but we refused to rest until we'd rounded up the sweetest selection of beauty goodies possible. 

The result? An astounding array of carefully crafted products (from sunscreen to nail varnish) that leave you lovely and carefree, as their formulations and practices are perfectly understandable, sustainable, and wonderfully effective. Void's cruelty-free nail polish hues span the rainbow from rad brights to rough-and-tumble moody hues like Game Over, a deep heavy-metal metallic. Their name comes from the absence of not-so-great ingredients (a void) in their five-free formula, a tongue-in-cheek reminder that sometimes less is more. 


After one sprinkle of Green & Gorgeous' dry shampoo we were totally hooked: This eco-friendly, talc-free powder that naturally absorbs excess oil leaves hair feeling so freaking fresh. The fact that there's a dark-tinted version for brown and black hair is a major plus. We use it to freshen up our blowout post-gym and also to give our hair a boost of volume for day-to-evening beauty transitions. 



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Sunscreen-wise, we've been straining to find the right mix of mineral protection and lightweight texture. Goddess Garden Organics has nailed it — the plant-based, biodegradable and reef-safe formula glides on sheer and lightweight but provides substantial sun protection. It also feel so amazing on the skin. We love that they've figured out a way to kick aerosol to the curb while still providing a continuing spray bottle, which makes getting your back and shoulders done solo super-easy. 


Soothing lips should be simple, right? You glide on some balm, smack your lips and boom! Moisturized. What always irks us about traditional lip balms and sticks is the reliance on chemicals to get us kiss-ready. Kiss Me Honey has created a natural beeswax balm that uses only organic ingredients, even for its flavorings, which are lip-smacking delicious. Since lip balm lives, well, on your lips, we love the fact that we've found a keeper that's natural and super-effective, too. 



One category we didn't even think existed? Natural tooth whitening. That's right — natural. Warpaint is a genius (and a little freaky) whitening powder made from activated coconut carbon. It looks like charcoal, you smear it on your toothbrush and brush for two minutes, keeping your lips closed, rinse, and voila! You've got a cleaner, healthier, brighter smile thanks to the gentle-but-effective abrasive quality of calcium bentonite clay that's a major part of the formula. Add to that a kick of sweet orange peel and organic peppermint and you've got a zinger on your hands. 

There you have it: a beauty rundown that's innovative, organic and hyper-effective without sacrificing integrity or eco-awareness. We know these products will be instant addictions for everyone who's picked up The Wanderlust this season.