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27 Apr

Behind the Scenes With Boho Gal Jewelry

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We know that Coco Chanel, spirit animal of accessory lovers everywhere, once famously said that one should take a peek in the mirror before going out and always remove one thing from your ensemble. But Coco wasn't living in our time of more-is-more-is-more—we'd never dispute her, but let's just say we're not exactly following her sage advice this festival season. What drew us to Boho Gal, a gorgeously global line of handmade jewelry that's part of the style selection of The Wanderlust, our subscription box, was its eclectic, high-energy jumble of polish and ruggedness. Each piece is handmade by designer Shahnaz Hughson, whose Indian heritage and love for baubles led her to create her wordly collection of Coachella-ready chokers, necklaces and more. After chatting with Hughson we're totally inspired to pile on the jewels with abandon—sorry, Coco. 


BIKINI: What inspired you to start Boho Gal?

Shahnaz Hughson: The love of jewelry is what inspired me to start Boho Gal. It was a really organic process, i started creating and designing for myself initially as I felt a void in the market for the kinds of pieces I wanted to see and wear. And I have been on this journey ever since.

BIKINI: Do you wear jewelry every day?

Shahnaz Hughson: Absolutely, every single day. Even when I am at home all day.

BIKINI: The line seems incredibly global—how do you source your materials?

Shahnaz Hughson: I am lucky to be able to travel a lot, so most of my materials embody stories, meaning, positivity and the essence of a global look and feel. I love to explore and discover, it's by far my most favorite part of being a designer.

BIKINI: What jewelry designers/collections inspire you?

Shahnaz Hughson: Vanessa Mooney, Haati Chai, Pamela Love to name a few inspire me on a daily basis.

BIKINI: How has your background influenced your work?

Shahnaz Hughson: I am a very proud Indian, my work is a complete reflection of my rich, colorful, spiritual, eclectic, and beautiful upbringing. I love other cultures and customs, and believe in people's unique stories. These are my influences in every aspect of my life including Boho Gal.

BIKINI: You have a beautiful Etsy shop—any fun stories about that community? 

Shahnaz Hughson: It's really great to be a part of a tribe, period. But to be a part of such a large community of creatives and believers makes this journey even more adventurous and fun. The handmade community is so alive and amazing. We are all dreamers and doers and have a platform to sell our dreams. It's wonderful.

BIKINI:Tell us about your personal style look for the summer- any jewelry statements you're planning?

Shahnaz Hughson: I am a big hoops, 3 to 4 layered necklaces, maxi dress, military jacket type of gal. I am always planning—our next collection is very summer festival-influenced, with a global twist of course. Really excited about our Frida Choker, getting ready to launch in a few weeks.