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20 Oct

Behind The Lens: Get To Know Daniela Voicescu

Posted by Bikini Owner

In our new series, Bikini Girl Crush, we’ll be giving you an inside look at the lives and careers of the most inspiring girls that we’ve ever seen rocking a bikini. Stay tuned for more crush-worthy bikini-clad ladies like Daniela Voicescu, one of’s uber-cool photographers.

Daniela Voicescu is every bit the epitome of the woman, the "she" that comes to mind when you say to yourself, “I don’t know how she does it.” Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, former model, small business owner, and wife, but she’s also an insatiable traveler who has lived all over the world—from her hometown of Bucharest, Romania, to Belgium, Paris, Beijing, and currently Hawaii. Daniela has embodied her motto, “You must let go of the old to make room for the new,” from the moment she decided that she wanted to become a model, when she was, get this, only 5-years-old.

She describes herself as being a “really ugly kid,” when growing up in Romania—which is, of course, very hard to believe when you see photos of her. But it was her “ugly duckling” beginnings that pushed Daniela to pursue a modeling career in Paris, where she would spend the next five years, as she says, “discovering the glamorous world of exotic models,” and, “going to the Musée du Louvre to look at art and grab a cup of coffee, dozens and dozens and dozens of times.”

At the end of her stint in Paris, she decided it was time for another change and moved to Beijing with her sister. Yearning to have something to “call her own,” she launched her eponymous beauty salon, Daniela V. “Opening my own business was one of the most challenging things for me,” she recalls, “because I could barely speak." Beijing continued to change her life when she met her now-husband, and they decided to move to Hawaii.

It may sound like the journey of transforming from that “ugly” little 5-year-old in Romania, to top model in Paris, business-woman in Beijing, and professional photographer in Hawaii has been seamless; but she’s definitely stumbled along the way. Quite literally, when on her first professional photo shoot, she was photographing a model in Shark’s Cove, submerged up to her waist in rough waves when a strong current knocked her onto the rocks and she started to drown. Bleeding down her leg, her camera completely soaked and ruined, the model had to come and pull her out of the water—but she reminds me that she never gave up and that shoot is, to this day, one of her fondest memories. She even has a small scar on her knee to remember it by.

Daniela loves to live and structure her day-to-day life by the quote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Her day starts with an hour-long yoga sessions, healthy acai bowls for breakfast, shooting in the early morning light (it’s her favorite), retouching photos, and then ends with a surf session with friends. On the weekend, she likes to go on hikes around the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, the Lanikai Pillboxes, and the Kailua trails before going into town for drinks at Rumfire on Waikiki Beach or by the pool at The Modern Honolulu.

She doesn’t know where or who she’ll be in the next five years, but that doesn’t worry her. Change is inevitable for Daniela. It’s part of her life. She can only think as far as her upcoming January vacation to Turks and Caicos, and who can fault her for that?

Scroll through the gallery above for a peek inside Daniela's fabulous Hawaiian life.