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16 Jun

Behind The Lens: Amberly Valentine


A post shared by Amberly Valentine (@amberlyvalentine) on

Valentine shooting on set in Bali. 

Scanning through photographer Amberly Valentine's Instagram feed is not for the faint of heart. If you're not immune to insane travel jealousy, bikini envy or incessant why-is-her-hair-so-amazing thoughts, you should skip it entirely. The Bali-based lenswoman is hardly hard-up for gorgeous locales to shoot in or amazing accounts, which means she's living a beautiful life nearly 24-7. Valentine weighed in on our Bikini questionnaire and divulged so much we totally feel like we know her — read on to see what we mean!

How would you describe your Insta feed in three words? Travel, aspiration, women!

Best room with a view: Zen Hideaway in Bali — it has a swing out over a jungle ravine!

Instagram account everyone should follow: @shitmodelmgmt absolute gold for anyone in the industry.

The last bikini I bought was from: Mara Hoffman — I love everything they do.


A post shared by Amberly Valentine (@amberlyvalentine) on

Hat or sunglasses:  Sunglasses! I have hundreds.

Favorite sunscreen: The Salt Store organic sunscreen — it smells divine and doesn’t clog my skin.

Beauty product I can't live without: Mirah Naturals Face Serum — I use it on my skin, hair, as a perfume ... literally for everything.

At the beach I always have a: Great book! I'm currently into anything written by David Mitchell.

Coffee or tea? Tea — I’m British so I can’t live without at least 4 cups a day.

My favorite place to travel is: Asia — it's so amazing and varied I never get bored of it.

Work of art/photograph/book/song I can't stop thinking about (with link, please): I've always been inspired by couture and the storytelling aspect of fashion as art. When I was an intern years ago in London I worked on the ’Savage Beauty’ exhibit after Alexander McQueen died, and being able to handle some of the most iconic couture pieces in history really left an impression on me that has been a constant source of inspiration in my personal work.

Favorite camera to shoot with: Sinar P 4x5, Olympus Trip, Canon 5D Mk 3



Biggest inspiration: Corinne Day

Where I haven't been that I most want to go: Cambodia

Being an influencer is: Inspiring and hard work! Every picture has a whole saga behind how it came into being. 

My Instagram life is: Amazing, but means I never have the right thing to wear. My wardrobe is condensed into carry-on luggage.

I'm never without my: Sunglasses from @paredeyewear and a supply of teabags.

You'd be surprised to know that I: Was supposed to go to medical school to study neuroscience and become a brain surgeon/psychiatrist, but decided to go to art school instead.

My favorite beach: Maya bay in Thailand at night, without the tourists sleeping on the beach and swimming with the phosphorescent plankton which light up the water.