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15 Apr

Behind The Bikini: Reset Priority

Posted by Bikini Owner in Bikini designer, Esther, Reset Priority

Born into la dolce vita in Turin, Italy, but seduced by the sensual appeal of bronzy Barcelona, Reset Priority designer Ester Milano was born with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Her family dealt in textiles, and she practically grew up in her grandmother’s dressmaking atelier. Milano has channeled her creative vision into a line of swimwear that is crafted for quality and designed to inspire women to feel gorgeous, confident, and creative. Original prints, unique silhouettes, and the dreamiest fabrics imaginable all come together to make this label a swim-style star. Read on to meet Ester and learn more about Reset Priority.

Where does your inspiration come from? Do you sketch the silhouettes of the suits? 

The creative process starts with a lot of sketches, moodboards and inspirations that come everywhere: contemporary art, events, fashion, nature. Then we look into women's needs and ask how can we do better. We then start with colors and our own pattern design, working on as many options and proposals as possible — and then we play. We we want our customers to feel that our pieces are a reflection of emotions. We then select the most impactful ones.

What's your favorite beach? 

I have been to great beaches in southeast Asia — there are so many great beaches around the globe. Many of our designs are named after beaches. But the Mediterranean is also so inspiring — it´s incredible how just a few kilometers away from Barcelona, on the Costa Brava, you can find white-sand beaches and amazing crystalline water. And if you take a 30-minute flight you can get to paradise — Formentera.

Why design swimsuits? 
I grew up in the design world. [Milano’s grandmother had a couture atelier in Turin.] I am from Italy, and quality has always been key when talking fashion. It was not easy to find contemporary quality swimwear, so I started working on Reset Priority once I settled in Barcelona in 2013. We combine a great fit and the best finishing methods with the best materials and a bit of modern innovation.

How do you hope the women who wear your suits feel while wearing them?
The idea behind Reset Priority is to dedicate some time to yourself and prioritize quality over quantity in everything in life. We are convinced that each women deserves to be valued as a superwoman — in both mind and body. The Reset Priority woman is confident, sure of herself, and unconventional. We often see our pieces worn as underwear or as a bodysuit — it's great! Sometimes it´s just not enough to wear them at the beach.