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16 Nov

From The BBC To The Beach With Influencer Sophia Tran-Thomson

Posted by Bikini Owner in BBC News, Sophia Tran-Thomson


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Can we please have Sophia Tran-Thomson's life? As a BBC journalist, Tran-Thomson travels the world following the news — and often stopping for gorgeous photo ops along the way. The Australia native is now based in London, but the whole world is her backyard. A quick flip through her Instagram puts her in Sicily, Mykonos, Monaco, and Portugal, all in the last four months. Not a bad gig if you can get it, right?

The intrepid traveler took a few minutes between flights to answer our Bikini questionnaire. 

Right now I'm in (part of the world): At home in London, preparing for a trip to Poland and then straight to Australia. 

I can’t stop listening to: I listen to a lot of classical music, and am rediscovering Disney’s Fantasia soundtrack at the moment, after seeing it live in concert in London recently. 

Hat or sunglasses: Both! My hat collection is probably bigger, though. 

Favorite sunscreen: P20 Once A Day

Beauty product I can't live without: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil

At the beach I always have a/my: Waterproof camera and ice cream money

Coffee or tea? Addicted to both. Coffee in the morning, herbal tea in the afternoon, espresso martinis after dinner. 



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My favorite place to travel is: That is the hardest question — I am asked it several times a week, and my answer changes every time. India, Morocco, Finland, Italy, Japan? Sorry. I can’t choose one! 

Instagram account everyone should follow (other than yours!): @hotdudeswithdogs, no explanation needed.

First thing I do when I wake up: Open the curtains and windows straight away to let the new day in — I hate pressing snooze.

My go-to workout is: Running. I ran the London Marathon this year and I've signed up for the London Landmarks half marathon next. 

Favorite snack: Stem ginger biscuits dipped in dark chocolate. 

Must-have cocktail: Negroni sbagliato in summer. Amaretto sour in winter. 

Work of art/photograph/book/song I can't stop thinking about: Naked Britain, a book of photography showcasing naturists in the U.K. Brits are known for being fairly conservative, so this book is a real joy to flip through.

My #lifegoals are: By the time I leave this planet, I hope to have created a lasting legacy which will improve the lives of strangers in some way. 

Biggest inspiration: My mom is very cool and she doesn’t mind ruffling feathers if she feels strongly about something. She used brown paper and mason jars way before hipsters made them trendy, and she’s the type who has no problem stopping someone in the street to tell them to pick up their litter.  



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Where I haven't been that I most want to go: Iran

When I daydream I think about: #hotdudeswithdogs

If I wasn't a…TV journalist, I'd be a pilot, or a diplomat/politician. I would love to be the Minister of Tourism for Australia one day. I always feel like my home state, South Australia, is undersold in international campaigns. I tell everyone I meet on my travels that they have to visit SA! 

Real tan or faux: Neither. I think we need to set examples and stop encouraging young women that tanned skin is more beautiful than fair skin. I spent far too much time in the sun as a teenager, and I regret it now as I start to see that previous sun damage aging my skin in my 20s. I make a very conscious effort now to protect myself from too much sun exposure and am learning to love my fairer winter complexion. 

I'm never without my: Camera and diary. I still use an actual paper diary. 

You'd be surprised to know that I: Started my career as a kids TV presenter for ABC Australia’s Behind The News show. It was the best job, and I interviewed some really fascinating people, including the Dalai Lama. 

True personal style is: I struggle with this! I don’t think I have a defined personal style myself. I like to wear practical, functional, clothes that pack well in a suitcase. I guess “true” personal style is simply what someone feels comfortable in, rather than following fashion trends and rules.