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08 Sep

Bachelor in Paradise: The Best Bikinis

Posted by Bikini Owner


If you're anything like us, you spent a portion of your Labor Day weekend with "Bachelor in Paradise." It is, in our opinions, both the absolute best and worst show on television: utterly cheesy, completely made-up (you've seen "UnREAL," right?) — but so, so, so compelling. And when Kirk dumped Carly because he is as cold as cold can be? That was real. That's the crazy thing about this show, the fakest in TV history: When it's real, and it sometimes is, it's insane. 

Today's the day after the final fantasy suite. We're sad for Tenley and Josh (make it work, guys! Idaho's not that far!); skeptical of Nick and Samantha (did anyone else notice how he kept calling her "the most beautiful thing" he ever saw — twice, he called her a "thing"?); and delighted for Jade, because Tanner is adorable and they seem like the real-deal. Right? Just watch those last few minutes of footage of them playing soccer with the local kids and tell us that's not love.

Confession: We're also still sort of hoping Ashley convinces Jared to go out with her. We know, we know; he is just not that into her. But there's an interesting object lesson in all this: Jared wasn't that cute on "The Bachelorette," when Kaitlyn spent all their time friend-zoning him. On "BIP," he was somehow so hot that Mila Kunis was tweeting pictures of him next to one of her husband. (We're not huge A.K. fans — but the man looks good.) This is proof that nothing makes someone more attractive than when you see that person pursued by someone else. Evolution, competition, whatever it is: It's powerful. 

Above, please enjoy our fave bikini shots of the ladies of "Bachelor in Paradise." We can't wait for summer for tons of reasons, but this is definitely, tragically, one of them.