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14 Jul

Audrina Patridge On Her New Bikini Brand, Prey Swim

Posted by Bikini Owner in Audrina Partridge, bikini, brand, interview, Prey, swimwear

The Hills is long over — we've moved on, and so has star Audrina Patridge, whose days now revolve around new swim brand Prey and mommy life. Check out what she's up to, as she gears up for Prey's mega-launch at Miami Swim Week next weekend. 

And speaking of — stay tuned for runway coverage later this month!



BIKINI: Why start a swimwear brand? What's your favorite part of having a business in the fashion world?

AUDRINA PARTRIDGE: I have always had a passion for the ocean. I grew up in a bikini, and whether it be the ocean, lake or pool, I've never been too far from it. As I've gotten older, I've really become particular with the materials, cut and support from which a bathing suit provides and after endlessly searching for the perfect fit, I decided to create it. My favorite part about having a business in the fashion world is being able to creatively express yourself within your designs.


BIKINI: How involved are you with the development of the bikini collection? 
I am hands on with every little thing.


BIKINI: Do you live and breathe the beach lifestyle? 

AP: Yes! I have always had a passion for the ocean. It is so powerful yet peaceful and cleansing at the same time. My clothing style, the decor in my house everything about my life revolves around beach lifestyle.


BIKINI: We hear that you have a love for sharks and the ocean. How does your love for these creatures influence your brand and the name? 

AP: Sharks are beautiful, powerful creatures that are becoming extinct! The ocean thrives from them — they are the white blood cells of the ocean, and without them, our oceans would collapse. The fact they have been around for 400 million years is incredible to me, but it’s sad that they are becoming the prey of the ocean. I want to bring awareness to not only protecting our ocean but also protecting the sharks!



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BIKINI: You're a new mommy! Can you talk about how this has changed your life? 

AP: I love being a mommy! Kirra is my pride and joy she is such an angel. Motherhood has changed my entire perspective on life and the world. I hope Kirra loves the water and bikinis as much as I do, and I hope she will make a positive impact purposeful change in the world one day.


BIKINI: How do you start a business and become a mother at the same time? 

AP: I'm not going to lie — it's a little challenging, but after a year I finally have it down!  he biggest challenge is being a full-time mom but also running a business full-time. Luckily I have an amazing Prey Swim team and incredible family to help when needed. I bring Kirra with me everywhere.



BIKINI: You are going to be speaking on a panel at SIMPLY LA Coming up. Do you have any special tips to share that help prep you before speaking in front of an audience?
It's always a little nerve-racking but I usually just take a deep breath say a little prayer and be myself.


BIKINI: Will you be heading to Miami for Miami Swim Week in a couple of weeks? If so, what are you looking forward to the most?
We are kicking off Miami Swim Week showing our new collection! I am beyond excited to show everyone our new collection and be a part of such an amazing event!