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28 Nov

Adventurous Style Is What The Wanderlust Is All About

Posted by Bikini Owner

Globe-trotting style is a unique category—there's something specific about the bohemian, free-spirited aesthetic of travel lovers, and we tried to nail that down when curating the Style section of The Wanderlust. While we're always thinking about dressing around a bikini, we also wanted to zero in on evergreen, year-round elements of style that were always workable and wearable, no matter how close or far you are to the beach. The style brands we've partnered with all bring a unique approach to self-expression to their goods, and collectively they all exude a beachy, easy sense of style that represents how we want to look every day. Here's a view into a few of our favorites, which you can get to know even better when you sign up for The Wanderlust. 



A photo posted by FashionTats (@fashiontatsbrand) on


Fashion Tats has revolutionized the temporary tattoo experience—beyond your standard feathers and chains, their design spill over into virtual jewelry territory, with gorgeous geometric necklaces accented with turquoise and crazy-cool Egyptian-inspired onyx and gold bracelet designs. Their take on tattoos is incredibly unique and stunning— they take beach accessorizing into entirely new territory. 



Sunglasses offer huge opportunity for making style statements, and in Surreal Sunglasses, we've found a brand that prizes product design and innovation. Their stylish, protective sunglasses are crafted from lightweight bamboo, which means they float!  Easily findable at the beach and pool, we love their design sense and how they've taken an eco-responsible approach to style. 



A photo posted by Karma And Luck (@karma_and_luck_) on


Your arm party is about to get seriously inspired. Karma and Luck's talisman pieces offer personal, pretty pieces of jewelry charged with healing gemstones and historic icons. From the Buddah to the Hamsah hand, this collection of globe-scanning charms ranges from delicate pearl and turquoise-accented pieces to macrame and tassels. We love the way the collection brings a centering, mindful approach to style, and how easily the pieces all mix together. Culturally conscious and beautifully crafted, each piece is treasure. 


A photo posted by Survive Designs (@survivedesigns) on


The heartfelt inspiration behind these affirmation bracelets was what drew them to us—the beautiful design is what won us over. Survive Designs founder Amelia Dennie turned a painful moment in her life into a game-changing business. Her copper bracelets, which feature mottos like 'loved' and 'dream', infuse the wearer with strength and conviction to walk tall and dream big. Simple and natural in their form, each handmade bracelet is a shining example of why art is the ultimate healer. 



A photo posted by Livin' Freely (@livinfreelyshop) on


The handmade jewelry pieces in Livin' Freely's collection all look like one-off treasures you'd discover at an estate sale or a far-flung artisan studio. Rustic, worldly, and shimmering with special details, we're drawn to the unique use of accent stones and the eclectic mix of design inspiration—you'll see Art Deco and Native American references mashed up with classic lockets and mood stones. If going your own way is your accessorizing credo, you'll be a huge fan of this collection.