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16 Feb

The 5 Best Beauty Moments From Last Night's Grammys

Posted by Bikini Owner

Edge-wise, the Grammys are usually smack-dab in the middle of the awards shows: not as Miley-Cyrus-in-a-nude-jumpsuit as the VMAs, not as refined as the Oscars. We were slightly surprised, even so, that so many of our favorite beauty looks were on the conservative side. Just look at Ellie Goulding's soft, romantic look: 



Soft pink lipstick and sideswept hair.

Best hair of the night obviously goes to Selena Gomez, who could leave the entertainment world forever and just advise people on how to achieve the same perfect, wavy look: 



A photo posted by James Rosko (@jamesroskohair) on


We love Taylor Swift that we've paid money to see her concert (AMAZING). We don't love the dress (Atelier Versace). Her whole vibe reads as super-stressed to us. (We blame Kanye.) But we're putting her on our list our best beauty moments because her speech was amazing and the definition of inner beauty. 



A photo posted by Jordon-Lee (@_jordonlee) on


Also, is it us, or did she definitely change lipstick from classic Tay red to the pink one, above?


A photo posted by Stefan Renteria (@stefanrenteria) on


She did. We like the pink. Which do you like better?

Similarly, we didn't love Ciara's dress: 



A photo posted by @beastmode_dangeruss on


But her hair is like a handbook on a sophisticated ponytail. Finally, and again: Didn't love Bella Hadid's dress....


A photo posted by @hollywoodbulletin on


But loved the super-slick, glossy (but not shiny) hair, even with that weirdness at the part.