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16 Sep

25 Things To Do While Tanning

Posted by Bikini Owner in things to do while tanning


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Soaking up the sun while you're horizontal is a true luxury. However, if you're looking to optimize that leisure time, you can get a ton of s#*t done while you're tanning. Here are 25 ideas for things to do while you're also getting your glow on.

1. Apply a mega dose of sunscreen all over. This sheer SPF 50 mist is our fave.

2. Treat your tresses to a hair mask.

3. Catch up on your podcast backlog. Fat Mascara is our current obsession. 

4. You owe someone a call, don't you? Catch up with your BFF, your mom, or that friend you've been playing phone tag with. 

5. Remember magazines? They're better than ever. Whalebone, Porter, and Sunset mags are all on our must-read list. 

6. While we're on the topic of words, we never hit the beach without a book. Elinor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is about to be a huge movie (Reese Witherspoon is behind it!). Read the book first. 

7. Detox your digi life: clear out old photos, optimize your apps, and delete anything you're not using on your phone to free up space. 

8. Use those freed-up MB to get some games: we defy you to not become addicted to Hidden Folks or Heads Up!

9. Get your to-do list off of your mind and onto paper — whether it's pen-to-paper or in your phone's notes. 

10. Due for a physical or teeth cleaning? Call and make those appointments. This is you, winning at life. 

11. Dying to eat at that chic new place everyone is buzzing about? Call for a res. Even if it's a month out, you're still ahead of the game. 

12. That shell art you keep eyeing on Insta? Pull out some Sharpies while you're tanning and make some beach beauties. 

13. Clear your mind. A meditation app like Headspace or guided meditation book will turn your beach spot into a zendo. 

14. Work out. Make your sun salutations true to their name or kick out a HIIT session in the sand. 

15. Make a gratitude list. 

16. Give yourself an artful mani/pedi with zero smudge worries since all you're doing is sitting still. 

17. Hydrate. It's hot out there! 

18. Float.

19. Learn a new language with an app like Duolingo.

20. Make a budget. 

21. Unsubscribe to everything in your inbox you're not reading. 

22. Kegels! No one will know but you. 

23. Do good — donate to that cause you keep meaning to connect with or sign up to volunteer at a worthy local organization.

24. Reply to emails/texts that you never get to. 

25. Sleep. Doing nothing is the new multitasking.