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04 Sep

What The Squat: Behind The Booty Lifting Secret

Posted by Bikini Owner in Booty, Fitness, Squat

It’s as if we woke up one morning and everyone, we mean everyone, was getting their squat on. Go ahead, open your Instagram, search #squats, and you’ll see what we mean. That’s right, over 2 million images! And have you seen Jen SelterSo what is it about this strength training exercise that’s got everyone dropping it low?

Well, for one thing, squats are proven to lift the booty. And for another, it’s a compound, full body exercise that targets not only the butt (glutes), but also the thigh (quads and hamstrings), hip (glutes, adductors, and psoas), and core (abs and obliques) muscles, while strengthening ligaments, tendons, and bones. To bring the upper body into play, just grab a set of dumbbells or a weighted barbell; however, we’re keeping our focus on the lower body benefits, with three body weight variations of the exercise (strength, power, and stability) you can progress your way through!

And just so you know, bodyweight exercises are key when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain, as well as toning and strengthening the legs, booty, and core. Also, squats can be performed to varying depths—deep and shallow. Squatting below parallel qualifies as deep, while squatting above it qualifies as shallow. Beginners should keep it shallow, while more advanced squatters working their way through these progressions.