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20 Aug

What The Heck is Chlorella?

Posted by Bikini Owner

This summer, a surprising amount of people that we follow on Instagram were swapping their usual snaps of fruity smoothies with green-tinged photos tagged with #chlorella. From uber-svelte models to healthy new moms, it seemed like everyone on the planet was hopping on the chlorella bandwagon, while we were left wondering, um, chlorella? Like, what is it? 

Well. Chlorella is a single-cell green freshwater algae that has been proven to have huge health benefits when ingested. High in protein, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and chlorophyll, it's a superfood that is slowly being recognized for it's bumper crop of beautifying, energizing properties. It's high in nuceleic acids RNA/DNA, which are thought to be energizing when consumed as a food supplement, making it a natural alternative to caffeine in the morning (coffee lovers, we know what you're thinking, but it's worth a shot).

Chlorella is also thought to be extremely efficient at removing heavy metals from the body, making it a go-to detoxifier. Hard to digest in its natural state because it has a very tough cell wall, chlorella that is produced for consumption as a dietary supplement is broken down into a powder via sound wave frequency which shatters the cell walls, making the nutritious properties of the microalgae more easily absorbed by the body. One suggested use is to drink chlorella, dissolved in water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to truly allow the body to absorb all of the algae's nutrients.

Chlorella lovers are also keen on adding the powder to smoothies, juices, salad dressings, and more. It's cropped up on menus at juice and smoothie bars across the country, adding even more green power to the vibrant, grassy juices that have become ubiquitous at gourmet groceries and health food stores alike. 

So should you try it? Signs point to yes. If you're looking to add a supplement to your life, it's hard to beat chlorella's lineup: from its immune-boosting power to its natural detoxification properties, ounce-for-ounce it seems to be more potent than many other natural supplements or herbs on the market. But look out for its provenance, as you want to be sure the chlorella you buy has been broken down with the sound wave method to ensure you are really reaping all of its health benefits. You also want to be sure it's grown in a pristine, controlled environment, since it's metal-binding ability means it could carry toxins from its source straight into your body if it's not farmed responsibly.

We'll be scooping Sun Potion's chlorella into smoothies and totally plan to try this chlorella ice cream recipe, since detoxing and ice cream so rarely go hand in hand. Count us in.