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09 Jun

The Ultimate Beach Bench Workout

Posted by Bikini Owner

There’s nothing better than some sun, sand, and surf. But one of the most important aspects of getting beach-ready is bikini-body toning.

Our Ultimate Beach Bench Workout, based on beginner-level bodyweight training, not only tones and tightens those key bikini areas -- yes, we’ve got your glutes covered -- but it also improves strength, balance, and cardio.

As your exercise routine progresses, you will start burning those calories in no time. And to add a little extra cardio spark, you can toss in a set of jumping jacks or burpees between each exercise or more reps and sets for muscle and strength gains. That’s the thing about bodyweight exercises- compound movements like the ones in our Ultimate Beach Bench Workout get results.

Don’t worry though, there will be time for lounging -- and maybe even some snacking -- but first let’s hit the beach bench!


Do three sets of each move with 10-15 reps for a your ultimate beach bench workout!


Model: Melissa Fox