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27 Feb

Staying on Track with your New Year's Resolution--Fun Fitness Classes by City

Posted by Bikini Owner

By Leanna Brittis

It's that time of year we each make a vow to ourselves to get in shape and loose those few extra nagging pounds. Keeping up with your New Year's resolution is about making your workouts less of a chore and more about having fun! These classes will not only help you to a better bikini bod, but will also have you craving more fitness fun!


Image Courtesy of 305fitness

305 Fitness

Quickly developing a cult following, 305 fitness emulates a night club feeling with a dark studio with live DJ. Get ready to sweat a lot in this fun high intense cardio fused dance class! After all, their motto is "Make Sweat Sexy."

Surfset Classic

Described as a “real surf workout on a fixed-in-place surf machine,” these sessions work on core strength and balance with a series of both surfing and conditioning moves. Plus, how cool is it that you can get your surf on in the dead of the winter?!

Broadway Dance Center

At only 18 bucks a pop, BDC offers absolutely everything for hip hop to jazz funk classes. Beginners are welcomed!


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A fun-filled full body cardio jam session that combines Pilates, isometrics and pylometrics and cardio. You’ll burn an impressive 600 and 900 calories and drum your way to a leaner bod.

Vixen Workout

This fast paced 60-minute cardio dance fitness workout incorporates moves you see in music videos and night clubs. Plus, participants are encouraged to wear sneaker wedges, heels and lipstick! Dressing up and working out? Count us in!

Las Vegas

Pole Fitness Studio

Get fit while embracing your inner temptress! The studio offers an array of classes from cardio pole to chair dance classes. We are sure your significant other will appreciate this as well.

Aerial Silks Fitness Workshops

Shine Alternative Fitness offers a fun class to make you feel like your very own Cirque de Soleil performer. These specialized classes basically work every part of your body while developing flexibility and body awareness. Beginners welcomed!   


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How about getting a killer workout and getting Zen at one time? YAS mixes spinning and yoga to help get your body toned and mind relaxed!

Pop Physique

A unique one hour barre based ballet class that focuses on strength and stretching. Worried you won't get a good enough workout? Don't fret, because the class includes body strength exercises like planks and pushups!


Boxing and Pilates=Piloxing. This badass class incorporates the speed and agility of boxing with the scuplting and flexibility of Pilates. 

From your home

Don't live in one of these cities? No worries. These companies offer at home workout videos or online classes so you can bust a sweat in the comfort of your own home!

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Buti Yoga

Buti packs everything you'd want into one workout-- yoga, dance and plyonmetrics. Find a studio near your home or you can sign up for online classes!


This cult favorite dance workout has expanded its market to offer classes online, DVD workouts or on thru there interactive iPad and iPhone app. Now you can Zumba your way to a better bikini bod between watching that Scandal marathon at home.

Body By Simone

Former professional dancer, Simone De La Rue created a fun workout that customized to do at home. At online monthly subscription will give you unlimited access to her signature dance cardio classes and sculpting workouts!