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09 Feb

Should You Try The Whole30 Program?

Posted by Bikini Owner

More than likely you’ve probably heard about Whole30, the program that has you eliminate all grains, dairy, alcohol, sugar and legumes for an entire month. Yes, that unfortunately means no happy hour cocktails or a slice of poolside pizza. We know you're like, "Why on earth would anyone do such a crazy thing?"

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It may seem a bit overboard at first, but many Whole30 followers claim that the benefits of the diet outweigh the extreme restrictions. After the 30 days are up, you are supposed to slowly reintroduce the foods that were eliminated, potentially revealing them as the cause behind allergies and intolerances. While many experience weight loss, some people also claim that Whole30 was the antidote to a vast spectrum of health-related ailments like poor skin, inflammation, bad sleep, low energy and so much more. 

Sound like something you might want to try? Read on to find out everything you'll need to get in on this popular wellness program. 

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