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10 Nov

In Season: Persimmon

Posted by Bikini Owner

persimmon smoothie

Have you ever actually tasted a persimmon?

We'll admit that until very recently the smooth, orange fruits were a mystery to us: Where did they come from? What did they taste like? How, exactly, did you eat them? Persimmons are ripe right now in most of the country, and once they've matured and fallen from the tree, you can eat them the way you'd eat an apple or a tomato: rinse and slice, ditching the calyx/stem, which will easily detach when the fruit is ripe.

The smooth, orange skin is edible, and the fruit inside will be fresh and crisp when perfectly ripe — if it's slightly overripe, the fruit inside will be a bit jelly-like, making it scoopable with a spoon. High in vitamins A and C, and loaded with fiber, persimmons pack a punch in the health department, which is why Beaming, a superfood cafe in California has created a seasonal smoothie that pairs the sweet and tart fruit with cinnamon, almond butter, and coconut, plus a sprinkle of goji berries. It's a concoction that has blends tropical flavors with the best of autumn's spice — we could easily drink one every day. Beaming shared the recipe with us so you can try it for yourself at home. Enjoy! 


Persimmon Goji Holiday Smoothie 

3/4 cup almond milk (homemade or boxed organic)

1/2 cup organic coconut water

1 T coconut flakes or coconut butter

1 T goji berries

1 tsp maca (optional)

1 small persimmon or 3/4 of med / large

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp yacon (optional)

1 T of Beaming superfood plant protein

1 T almond butter

3/4-1 cup ice

Blend together until smooth.  Garnish w a sprinkle of goji berries