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20 Aug

In Season: Cucumbers

Posted by Bikini Owner

In Season: Cucumbers

Hardy, crunchy, so very crisp: Cucumbers are a vegetable stalwart that even non-vegetable lovers will profess to like.

This time of year, they can pile up in your vegetable garden and be abundant at the greenmarket, but you can only slice so many into salads before fatigue sets in. We were intrigued — nay, skeptical — at this recipe from the Kitchn, which pulses the cukes into juice. But after trying it, it's pretty clear that this newfangled use for a very accessible, affordable veggie is a no-brainer entree to the world of green juicing at home (you don't even need a juicer!).

Their advice about brightening it up with lemon is spot-on — we also find that adding fresh mint leaves to the mix makes for an even more refreshing, verdant drink. And it probably goes without saying, but wow: Mix this into a gin & tonic for summer's most excellent sundowner, ever. 

Cucumber Juice via The Kitchn

makes about 4 cups of juice

6 medium cucumbers

Set a strainer over a large bowl. For a less-pulpy juice, line the strainer with cheesecloth or coffee filters. Peel the cucumbers, slice off the ends, and chop into several large pieces. Run the cucumbers in a food processor until pulpy--about two minutes. Pour the cucumber mash into the strainer and use a spatula to gently stir the mash until no more juice is separating out. Store the juice and the pulp separately for up to one week.