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11 Jun

In Season: Apricots

Posted by Bikini Owner in apricots

Apricots in season

Photo: Canal House

Peaches get all the glory, but in our opinion, their little cousin, the apricot, deserves a far bigger spot in the stone fruit hall of fame. Their velvety skin, creamy, juicy flesh, and a pittance of a pit (which means you get more fruit in every delectable bite), all make up for one showstopper of a summer favorite. While they are delicious dried and super-sweet, when turned into the base of a tart or a filling for a pastry, their subtle, floral flavor is so sumptuous that hiding it under a bushel, so to speak, is almost a sin.

When we came across this recipe, from the masters at Canal House, we had to take note. Simmering the apricots in wine and sugar with licorice-like fennel fronds to create a fruit-infused syrup is so easy but so fancy, and pairing this lush concotion with creamy ricotta is a riff on peaches and cream that you will dream about for days, if not weeks, after you first taste it. 

For the apricots

1 bottle white wine

1 1/2 cups sugar

4 branches fennel fronds, preferably with their flowering heads

6 black peppercorns

1 1/2 pounds apricots, halved and pitted

For the ricotta

2 cups finest fresh ricotta

1 tablespoon sugar

Get the full recipe at Food52