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22 Oct

Red Wine—You Can Bathe In It Too

Posted by Bikini Owner

Red Wine Baths

A bubble bath and a glass of cabernet can get us through the toughest of days, so when we heard about vinotherapy, we weren’t all that surprised.

It all started in France (naturally). The Vinothérapie Spa at Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux started offering wine-barrel baths in the early '90s, which basically involved getting scrubbed down with by-products (pulp, skin and stems) of the region’s highly regarded vino. 

Soaking in the leftovers, according to practitioners, cures cellulite and reduces wrinkles. That’s because the extract from the red vine leaf contains antioxidants—the key to fighting premature aging. A hot tub of pulsating jets further promotes circulation and blood flow, working with the muscles to detox the body. And since a glass of wine is good for heart health, those partaking in vinotherapy are encouraged to couple wine with wine. Don’t mind if we do. 

Caudalie has vinothérapie outposts all over the world—from Taiwan to Switzerland. But they’re not the only brand taking advantage of the latest body-rejuvenation trend. The Internet was abuzz this week over an Instagram pic of New York Knicks power forward Amar’e Stoudemire soaking in the three-and-a-half-hour Red Wine Ritual ($550 on weekends) at NYC's Aire Ancient Baths. But for the DIY types, just pick up some of Caudalie’s Divine Oil ($49) from your nearest Sephora. The magical ointment contains grape oil and grape seed. Rub it all over your body immediately after showering, luxuriate in its holistic benefits, and then pour yourself a glass of your favorite red. 

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