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24 Aug

Presto Pesto

Posted by Bikini Owner

Wanna know something? Pesto doesn't have to be all about basil.

No disrespect to one of our favorite, flavorful herbs, but after a while our palates yearn for something new. Pesto is our go-to in summer, when there's so much fresh greenery at the market and pasta is so, so easy to throw together on hot summer nights.

You can whip up a pesto from practically anything: If you can whizz it in your blender, you can make it work. We're partial to the tried-and-true formula of flavorful herb+cheese+nuts+oil, but those components are so easily interchanged you could try something new every single night for the rest of the summer and not duplicate your efforts. Love pistachios? They're amazing instead of pine nuts. Ditto for walnuts or almonds.

And call us crazy, but those gorgeous, fluffy carrot tops are a shame to toss into the compost heap: loaded with flavor and nutrients, they mash up into a gorgeous pasta topper or mix-in for a farro or orzo salad. We've compiled our favorite alternative pestos from around the web for you peruse. Bye-bye, basil!