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10 May

The New Salad: Lose The Lettuce

Posted by Bikini Owner

Attention! We are in the midst of a total salad revolution, people.

Yes, spinach is fine and romaine is perfectly palatable, but salad can be so much more than a bowl of leaves. Vegetables of all kinds make for wonderful building blocks for salads that become the star attraction, not a sad side story.

What we love about thinking outside of the box, especially in spring, when the farmer's markets are booming with fresh produce, is that playing around with simple ingredients like beans, beets, and herbs is just as easy as dumping a box of pre-washed lettuces into a bowl, but far more satisfying and delicious.

If you can wash some sprouts and use a vegetable peeler, you can take your salad game up a notch, no question.

We've been following the lead of some of our favorite food people and trying out their inventive takes on salad with exciting results — no longer will we banish peas and sugar snap peas to side dishes.

Check out some of our favorite new salads in the above gallery and try something new tonight!