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16 Mar

MeshYoga Creator Talks Diet and Fitness

Posted by Bikini Owner


By Gina Nguyen,

The brainchild of Michelle Lou Lan, MeshYoga integrates many elements like modern dance, Pilates and Tai Chi into fluid yoga movements. It is a precision-based teaching method that has been developed to help awaken you chi, personal energy and expression. MeshYoga is full of inversion, arm balances and twists which awaken the senses with an exuberant fusion of styles and all while learning to practice safely. recently chatted with Lan to find out how she keeps her mind and body summer-ready year-round.

How did you get into yoga?
Lan: I used to be a professional dancer before I became a yoga instructor. I had to give up dancing because of back injury over the years. When my doctor first showed me some movements that served the purpose of helping me recover from my injuries, I wasn't amazed. However, after 49 days of practice, I was able to return to the stage and perform again. It was then I discovered what the doctor taught me was yoga. The amazing outcome of the simple movements and the philosophy behind yoga— guiding people to learn to balance and control their emotional fluctuations, and to help bring out an inner and lasting joy—then got me into yoga.

You always look bikini ready …
Lan: Besides a healthy diet, I also practice yoga everyday. Keeping a balanced diet and exercise plan keeps me bikini ready year round. I stay busy with activities that don't feel like exercise like walking around NYC and swimming. Unlike most people who restrict their diet, I eat a little of everything. Moderation is key. I eat five small meals throughout the day, covering all food groups, including good carbs. Always keep in mind the serving size does matter. Eating the right amount will prevent you from gaining unwanted fats. I also plan my diet according to my hormonal cycle. Our body is very sensitive to what we consume so choosing the right foods at the right time to ensure proper nutrition is very important.

What are your favorite poses?
Lan: The four moves that I like the most are Wheel Pose, Plank Pose, Crane Pose and Side Stretch Pose. These poses help strengthen arms, wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen and spine; and some of the poses also help improve digestion, posture and sense of balance.

Where have you traveled?
Lan: Maui was my favorite place. I think there's a mysterious connection between the island and me. On my first visit to Hawaii, I only planned staying on Maui for two days, but I ending up staying two weeks. I planned to visit again a year after my first visit, but I made two other visits within six months. I feel there's no word that will bring justice to the kind of experience I get on Maui. The energy of the island makes me feel awakened, it brings me happiness and I am recharged every time I leave.

What future plans do you have for MeshYoga?
Lan: I am currently filming a video series. It gives me a chance to share MeshYoga in a more interactive way. The series will be filmed in all the places that connect with me spiritually like Maui, Yosemite Park, and many other destinations.  I am also working on an activewear line that incorporates fashion, utility and comfort.