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19 Nov

Loosen Up With 8 Great Yoga Stretches

Posted by Bikini Owner

“I would do yoga, but I’m not flexible” is one of the most common confessions I hear from people who have never tried yoga. Well, good news! You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga. Whether it's a lack of flexibility that deters you from going to a class or you just want to get deeper into your hamstrings, practicing yoga will help with your felxibility. 

Here are eight different poses to suit all of your stretching needs. You can easily incorporate these postures into your regular workout routine. Remember that slow, steady breath is key here to opening up the hamstrings and releasing tension in the body. Forward bends are not only good for opening hamstrings, but also great for relieving the back. Standing forward folds are also an inversion! Remember to come out of these postures just as slowly as you came into them.

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