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16 Jan

Lavender Sugar: The World's Easiest DIY

Posted by Bikini Owner

lavender sugar in mason jar

Maybe it's just us, but when crafters promise that their DIY project is the easiest thing you'll ever try, we feel like it usually involves a dump truck full of supplies, a Masters degree in sewing, and a genetic relation to Martha Stewart. We Bikini girls are crafty, sure, but we don't have the patience for most of the elaborate Pinterest ventures out there.

Luckily, this DIY takes the cake for the sweetest and simplest project in the universe. No skills required, just a sweet tooth. 
We're talking lavender infused sugar. It sounds fancy, and it is—a beautiful and florally delicious upgrade to regular table sugar. Package this just right and it would make a winning gift, or use it as a lovely piece of tabletop decor for yourself. It's the perfect way to give your tea or fruit salad a little extra panache. And all it takes it two cheap ingredients and two painless steps.

Lavender Infused Sugar


  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2-3 tsp of culinary lavender
  • a mason jar with a ribbon for final display (optional)


1. Pour sugar and lavender into an air tight container.

2. Seal the container and shake it up every day or so for two weeks.

After that, your sugar will be scrumptiously, beautifully infused! Pour it into that mason jar and prepare for compliments.