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11 Aug

Just Brew It: Cold Brew at Home

Posted by Bikini Owner

cold brew coffee

You've no doubt seen pricey bottles of cold brew coffee at your local gourmet grocery. If you're wondering how the heck coffee could be so expensive, we can explain. Costing upwards of $10 per bottle, those cute bottles contain a coffee concentrate that can make up to 10+ glasses of iced coffee, since you mix the concentrate with water and pour it over ice. It's delicious, yes. It's different from coffee that comes from your automatic drip machine and ice up, as it has a much richer flavor. But do you need to shell out the big bucks for it at the store? Nope. You can totally make cold brew coffee at home, it's really easy and just as delicious as the fancy stuff. Cold brewing eliminates the acidity that hot water can bring out in coffee beans, resulting in a smoother, sweeter brew. 

Now, this is a case where quality matters: the better the coffee you start with, the better the end result, so it might be worth it to splurge a bit on the beans, buying them whole and coarsely grinding them (to make sure that the grinds don't wind up in your glass after the final steps). What do you need? A French press coffee maker, large mason jar, or any large container with a lid that will fit into your fridge. A good rule of thumb is 3/4 of a cup of unground coffee beans to 4 cups of water. You can adust this to your taste level if you prefer a less/more intense finishied product. Grind your beans (remember: coarse!) and put them into your container of choice, then fill with cold water. Leave on a counter or place the container in the fridge overnight, or for at least 12 hours. To strain, plunge the French press plunger or place a cheesecloth over another container large enough to hold the liquid, and pour over it, allowing the coffee grounds to collect in the cheesecloth. The liquid you have now is a coffee concentrate, which needs to be diluted with water to become delicious cold brew coffee (don't be tempted to drink it straight). Half and half is a good ratio, but it's really up to you! Your cold brew will keep fresh in the fridge, covered, for up to two weeks. But we doubt it will last that long. 

For a fully detailed step-by-step guide to making cold brew coffee, go to  Gimme Some Oven