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26 Oct

Inside Meredith Baird's Fridge

Posted by Bikini Owner


It's easy to stereotype "healthy" people, isn't it?  Food writer Meredith Baird is a a devoted raw food junkie who has studied viticulture and helped launch one of the country's most exciting raw and vegan restaurants, the late M.A.K.E in Santa Monica. As this story was being written, Baird got engaged while camping out in Big Sur, totally off the grid. She's one of those types. 

But don't be misled: She also appreciates a pair of killer Ann Demeulemeester shoes and loves a fantastic glass of prosecco. Bairds' latest book, published this summer, is titled Coconut Kitchen. In it, she explains how this superfood is one of the earth's most beautifying ingredients, and how its nourishing properties have a place at every meal. Someone this virtuous must have an interesting fridge, right? We asked Baird to tell us what she always has stocked on her top shelf, and if she explain why she thought the coconut was worthy of its own cookbook. Read on for her wisdom — and one coconut recipe that we're planning to make for dinner tonight. 

Meredith Baird's Top 5 Fridge Must-Haves

Coconut yogurt 
I always have coconut yogurt on hand for breakfast or a snack. I make my own using young coconut meat and probiotics. I never buy the packaged kind with sweeteners, fillers and/or preservatives. I'm lucky in that some of my neighbors like Moon Juice and Cafe Gratitude both make versions I can buy.

Always. Along with other types of fermented vegetables like beet kraut or kale kraut. I eat some type of sauerkraut with every meal. I love it plain, on top of avocado, with some sprouts and nori.

I make my own Jun, which is a fermented beverage similar to kombucha, but it's made by using green tea and raw honey. The flavor is a little milder — it's kind of like a dry cider or champagne. If not Jun, it's kombucha. In L.A., we have some amazing local brands, like Kombucha Dog and Healthaide.

I always have nori on hand to make easy wraps. Wakame, I soak and throw into salads. Seaweed is so rich in minerals; it adds an important nutritional component to lighter meals.

Nut Cheese/sprouted hummus
I usually have some kind of fermented nut cheese or sprouted hummus on hand to add to salads. Must have that extra creaminess and protein boost!

Basically everything in my refrigerator is fermented. On top of that, it is a rotation of greens and seasonal produce.coconut kitchen