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16 Dec

How Do You Take Your Coffee—With Milk, Cream, Or Butter?

Posted by Bikini Owner

Bulletproof Coffee

Care for some butter in your coffee? It sounds disgusting, but adding two tablespoons of the fatty spread to a cup of joe could cut food cravings, boost your energy, and help you focus, according to entrepreneur and biohacker Dave Asprey, who trademarked the recipe as Bulletproof Coffee. It’s now a full-blown health fad.

These days, everyone’s doing it—from Ed Sheeran to Shailene Woodley (well, that one didn’t come as much of a surprise). But let’s get things straight: It isn’t about just swapping milk for butter; more like trading milk and sugar and mass-produced beans for butter (specifically unsalted and grass-fed), brain octane fuel (basically a version of coconut oil), and re-engineered Bulletproof beans. 

Ah yes, the beans. You aren’t going to find these at your average supermarket, not even at specialty coffee shops. These ultra-clean beans have been stripped of the usual toxins that Dave says robs us of performance. And you wouldn’t dare use a coffee maker on these; only a French press or the pour-over method will do.

So how do all of these random ingredients come together? A blender. Yes, a blender. Take those beans, add the butter and oil, and blend it all together. Pour it in a mug, and you’ve got what appears to be a freshly steamed (450-calorie) latte with the ability to supercharge your cognitive performance. Sounds complicated. Who’s up for giving this a try?

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