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27 Feb

The Hot Yoga Craze

Posted by Bikini Owner

How to use hot yoga as the ultimate detox

By Lacee K.,

Yoga? Acupuncture? Weeklong fruit and veggie cleanse?  Looking to detox and rejuvenate your body? If you're considering a way to gently detox and don’t know where to begin try hot yoga.

When people hear the words hot yoga, they automatically think Bikram yoga. But yoga has been around for centuries and has been practiced in all types of climates, all around the calendar year. Nowadays, different forms of hot yoga are offered in several unique ways across the country.  

Bikram Choudhury, an Indian yogi, coined the term hot yoga back in the 1970s when he developed a specific sequence of 26 poses to be performed in 105-plus temperatures, mimicking the temperature in India. Bikram now has thousands of instructors certified to use his sequence under licensing.

Over the years, other yoga studios began integrating the heat factor into their studios, which mimicked the intention of Bikram but used a different series of postures.

Performing yoga in the heat is thought to bring many cleansing benefits to the body.

Although the practice of yoga is cleansing on its own, hot yoga can:

  • Release toxins more quickly through excessive sweating and lymphatic drainage
  • Dilate your capillaries and oxygenate your tissues, muscles, glands and organs, helping to remove your body’s waste products
  • Help increase the flexibility of your muscle fibers, which can potentially eliminate any lactic-acid buildup
  • Relax the mind of any “toxic” thoughts
  • Require the individual to hone in on steady ujai breathing, which improves mental acuity and oxygen to the brain
  • Exfoliate the outer skin layers of any dry or dead cells through the vast excretion that occurs throughout the hour-plus class
  • Increase your heart rate, which will help improve your metabolism and allow your body to become a metabolic machine


For further reference, check out “The Cleansing Benefits of Yoga in the Heat” by Jenn Zerling,