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31 Jul

Hot Workout: Title Boxing

Posted by Bikini Owner


Southpaw, a gritty movie about a boxer looking to make a comeback after tragedy, just opened, with Jake Gyllenhall and Rachel McAdams making for a steamy on-screen couple — which is one reason we already have tickets to see it tonight.

But there's also the boxing, which is our current workout obsession. Title Boxing, a boutique gym that offers real-deal sparring training and group boxing classes across the country, is the place to hit up when you're looking to literally shake up your workout. From one-on-one personal training to Power Hour group classes, the regime here blends traditional boxing techniques, kickboxing, and cardio to torque calories and help you get seriously fit fast. 

Fast-paced movements and no-nonsense instruction mean this isn't a frilly gym experience, and since most trainers and teachers aren't always group fitness instructors, there's a much more intense vibe than say, an Equinox kickboxing class. But that's why we like it. Pushing yourself to your absolute limit is how you get the best results, and with a solid hour class — with virtually no breaks — and a leader who refuses to see you quit, you're motivated to go all-in at Title. Cross-jabs on the heavy bag are also an incredible stress reliever — here's the place to knock around all that workplace angst or to get over a breakup. When you're boxing, you feel fierce, and we think that totally helps tackle day-to-day stress.

Your first class is free at any location, so taking a stab at it is zero pressure.You might not be competing for the Golden Gloves, but you leave every class feeling like a winner.