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24 Jun

Hot Workout: Surfset

Posted by Bikini Owner in surfset

Hot Workout: Surfset

How many times have you seen Blue Crush? We've all collectively watched it a billion times over here: the bikinis, the boards, those abs! There's nothing cooler than a surfer girl, especially one in serious shape. If you're looking to get your act together to finally get up on a board this summer, we've found the workout that will help you get there. Surfset is an indoor workout that offers you all the benefits of riding actual waves on a RipSurfer board, which simulates the movements of a board on the ocean, creating long, lean surfer muscles. Challenging movements and high-intensity aerobic intervals, plus yoga-inspired moves and resistance training all mix together within the four signature Surfset progams — Balance, Burn, Build and Blend — offering athletes of all levels a way to experience this unique workout. 

Never been on a board but dying to give it a shot? This is your perfect entry point, as taking a Surfset class really does prepare you for an on-board experience, minus the water and actual paddling. Because the RipSurfer really simulates the experience of being out on the water, your body is prepped to the core for what's in store when you actually hit the beach. Surfset is becoming a go-to training spot for surfers on the East Coast during the winter, as it keeps them in shape while keeping their skills and muscles sharp. Targeting entire muscle groups for optimal fat burning and muscle developement,  a Surfset class can burn up to 900 calories in 45 minutes—you'd have to surf for a few hours to do that. Dude. Surf's up!